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Parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls

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Re: Parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls

Post  jeanmonroe on Fri 10 Mar - 16:23



Madeleine McCann parents pledge to report all online ‘ghouls’ who ‘overstep the mark’ to police – days after Karen Danczuk’s startling Twitter rant
Kate and Gerry McCann fear they will be subjected to an even bigger outpouring of internet hate as the heart-wrenching tenth anniversary approaches in May


By Tracey Kandohla
10th March 2017, 11:26 am
Updated: 10th March 2017, 12:30 pm

MADELEINE McCann’s parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls to cops as the torrent of online abuse rises in the run up to the tenth anniversary of her disappearance.
Kate and Gerry McCann fear they will be subjected to an even bigger outpouring of internet hate as the heart-wrenching milestone approaches in May.
Parents Kate and Gerry McCann have been subjected to vile abuse online, almost a decade on from their daughter’s disappearance
Selfie queen Karen Danzcuk went on an explosive Twitter rant accusing the McCanns of ‘having guilt’
Last Sunday selfie queen Karen Danczuk sparked fury by claiming the couple “have guilt” in an astonishing Twitter tirade on Kate’s 49th birthday.
She said: “Anyone who says McCanns are innocent, just remember they left 3 children under the age of 4 alone to go out. Either Way they have guilt! KD”.
Former glamour model Jodie Marsh recently launched a similar attack, slamming the McCanns while apparently watching investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas revealing his latest theory on the case on ITV’s This Morning.
She tweeted: “In my opinion it’s all going to come crashing down for the McCanns…
“I must admit, if it were my child I’d be on my hands & knees digging up the earth with my bare hands! Nothing else would matter.”
A close pal of the McCanns said of the approaching anniversary: “It’s a very difficult and emotional time for them and they don’t need the extra anguish of having tweeters and minor celebrities posting negative and hurtful remarks about them.
“They are now filtering, with the aid of their official representative and friends, any cruel and offensive material which oversteps the mark to pass on to police to assess. Malicious communication is an offence.
“People seem to be saying whatever they want which is the eyes of the law could be deemed a criminal offence. There is a constant and growing activity by these ghouls and it’s a disgrace.
“It continues to anger and upset Madeleine’s family.”
TV detective claims Maddie McCann knew where parents were and went looking for them
Madeleine McCann, three, went missing in 2007 from the family's holiday apartment in Portugal
Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann have never given up hope of finding her alive
The McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, are targeted by up to 150 abuse tweets every day, most of them sent by women, research found.
Psychologist Dr John Synott said: “Most trolling behaviour has a lifespan of a couple of days. But the McCann case has been going on for nearly ten years and you cannot see the abuse ever ending.”
The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell told The Sun Online: “Any threatening and malicious communication will immediately be forwarded to the police for them to investigate and to act upon where necessary."
Mr Mitchell has also been bombarded with abuse himself for representing the family.
Former GP Kate, whose hope of finding her daughter alive never fades, has previously said: “We’ve had lots of abuse over the years. People wouldn’t get away with behaving like that in the street and yet they feel they can hide behind a computer at home. They’re cowards.”
Much of the online abuse against the McCanns comes from women, research found
Kate revealed that while she and heart doctor husband Gerry, 48, try to ignore the negative comments posted on Twitter and chat forums, some are too malicious to forget.
The anguished mum said in an TV interview with Lorraine Kelly: “It’s the internet abuse that is so damaging and we both feel really strongly that more should be done about it.”
Gerry has in the past hit out at trolls targeting his family with threats of violence and kidnapping, and said he worries about his 12-year-old twins Sean and Amelie using the internet.
He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “There have been instances where people are threatening to kidnap our children. People are threatening violence against Kate and myself.
“Of course it’s not just us. It is many other people who happen to find themselves in rather tragic circumstances. I do think we need to make examples of people who are causing damage.”
Kate and Gerry also hit out at the “insensitive” way Madeleine was drawn into hit BBC drama The Moorside – based on the fake kidnap of Shannon Matthews.
Three-year-old Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, while her parents were dining nearby with pals.
British police are winding down their £13million probe, but Kate and Gerry have never given up hope of finding their daughter, who would now be 13.

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15 minutes ago
just look at them in the pictures above, that tells you everything you need to know... how to lie forever... takes it out on you...
Ellen Miller

30 minutes ago
What are these anniversaries about? Never heard that before in history. Is it something special to be celebrated? 1 month, 2 month, 3 years, 10 years..... without your child everyday is painful. Everyday must be heartbreaking. That goes without saying and must not be repeated on tv sofas and in interviews. That will not bring the child back. I think people must be allowed to say their opinion. Yes, if the abduction story is true so the parents are guilty. It was the parents who left their children in a vulnerable position or who was it? The children were left in an unlocked groundfloor appartment next to a public road. The parents told it. Why can't people find this behaviour
Irresponsible and stupid? It was irresponsible and very stupid. Moreover they were not dining nearby. Every person can check themselves how far away it was and how long it takes to return to the apartment. Only the media is repeating and repeating ,,they were dining nearby''. Yes they have suffered enough. Another sentence repeated over and over again. What about the child the parents were responsible for? Is the child living happily somewhere? Many people always point out that child neglect is a crime and most people neglecting their children are punished by law. Even if the parents checked on the children every 30 minutes it is irresponsible. A lot of bad things can happen to little children within minutes apart from being abducted. It was not safe to leave the children. Even a friend of the parents said to the police that she did not like returning to the apartment to check on her kid, because there was never anyone around, it was so dark and made her feel uneasy. I think people must be allowed to express their opinion about this truly questionable behaviour of McCanns and friends. What has it to do with being a troll? Could the parents be so kind as to explain it?

John Copsey
30 minutes ago
Yet another pro McCann article from Tracey Kandhola .When will you write a blanced article about the amount of evidence against Mr & Mrs McCann,the fact they lost a libel case twice against people that dare dispute the so called abduction.Or are you just doing as you are told? As for trolls try Michael Walker & Pamela Gurney (if that;s their real name) and the threats made to Brenda Leyland?.

34 minutes ago
Isn't it funny that now they are willing to help the Police, yet they weren't when it came to their missing daughter. I hope they Prosecute me because my barrister will have some questions for you that you wont want to answer.

Tom Slekn
37 minutes ago
And the walls come crumbling down!

Stephen D Birch
57 minutes ago
Lets see how Kate & Gerry react to me and my Murat rear gravel driveway findings, which they fully aware of and which made World Headlines !!!!!! Kate refuses to dig despite 5 international experts in GPR radar confirming something the size of a small child lies buried under that driveway - build in early 2008 !

1 hour ago
They are guilty at the very least of child neglect!
If that opinion makes me a troll or ghoul then so be it!
If it had been a single parent or any other low income family they would have been charged!
I'll happily have my day in court against them for that opinion!
And then maybe they will be forced to admit the truth!

Tim Sandham
1 hour ago
Good luck in reporting millions who aren't actually trolls there just people saying the truth but you can't handle what's being said,
people should report you for making threats yourself

Donny Dee
1 hour ago
The alleged trolls in return should report the McCann's to the police for wasting police time, not only in this country but many other countries too.

1 hour ago
so anybody that doesn't believe their questionable story is a troll now

Yellow and Black
2 hours ago
Maybe if they would tell the whole truth and say what when on that fateful night (and previous ones no doubt) we may back off and let justice take it course .

7 minutes ago
Hold your horses, what she ultimately said was had they not if left their 3 children alone there would not have been an opportunity for the child to have been kidnapped (if you believe that theory).
I'm sorry but i agree 100% with her comments. No, they didn't deserve what happened through their neglect but ultimately they are responsible.
When parents make reckless decisions, reckless outcomes occur. They are guilty of child neglect point blank.
Tell ya what McCanns, report me. Report me for being convinced Maddie came to harm due to your neglect and reckless behaviour.
Report me for personally finding your actions after the "disappearance" very odd to say the least.
Report me for believing the best trained Dogs in the world at what they do for marking your appartment, kate, the toy and your car -which you didn't even have when Maddie was still alive in your possession.
Or better still, forget reporting and spouting your version of events and take this lie detector test you was once so sure you wanted to take until it was actually offered to you?!
The only victim here is Maddie. Not an ounce of sympathy can i feel for two parents who let their child down so badly!

Michael Stankard
21 minutes ago
There's something very slimey about this couple. They give me the creeps

41 minutes ago
Why are we being classed as 'ghouls' if we have an opinion about their innocence or guilt?
I too believe they are guilty, come and lock me up.
Posting an honest opinion does not make you a troll.
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Re: Parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls

Post  AnnaEsse on Fri 10 Mar - 16:36

"You can run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Sooner or later God'll cut you down." (Johnny Cash)

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Re: Parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls

Post  fred on Fri 10 Mar - 21:26

AnnaEsse wrote:

Thanks. The comments I read are all very negative about the McCanns.

Stephen D Birch 7 hours ago
Lets see how Kate & Gerry react to me and my Murat rear gravel driveway findings, which they fully aware of and which made World Headlines !!!!!! Kate refuses to dig despite 5 international experts in GPR radar confirming something the size of a small child lies buried under that driveway - build in early 2008 !

Stephen D Birch 2 hours ago
I AM ABOVE UK LAW -DNA Planting by Portuguese police

I am South African Stephen D Birch who made world headlines on the Madeleine McCann case in 2012.

I have advised The McCann,s and 8 senior partners of Carter Ruck together with the principal of De Lisle College, that it my intention to advise Sean & Amelie McCann that there is a strong possibility that their sister Madeleine lies buried under the Murat driveway.

"The Sun" newspaper in collaboration with the UK government sought to shift the focus off the Murat property, because Portuguese police planted DNA in the McCann hire car, and compromised the case.

This evidence sits in 3 secret files held by Theresa May who was then the UK home secretary. The closing of the McCann case was a breach of the Treaty of Lisbon by Prime Ministers Jose Socrates & Gordon Brown - We will now pursue this matter in Portuguese courts.

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Re: Parents have vowed to report “malicious and offensive” trolls

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