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Taxpayers Fury as Police handed more money to search for Madeleine

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Taxpayers Fury as Police handed more money to search for Madeleine

Post  cherry1 on Sun 12 Mar - 23:12


Taxpayer fury as police handed extra funding to look for missing Madeleine McCann

TAXPAYERS blasted a decision to extend the police hunt for missing Madeleine McCann by another six months.

By Jerry Lawton / Published 12th March 2017

The Home Office is to hand the Metropolitan Police £85,000 to continue its investigation.

An inquiry – which has already cost £12million – was due to be shelved at the end of the month.

But the extra cash was granted after police said they have identified an individual they want to question.

The unnamed “person of interest” was in the same part of Portugal when Madeleine – then three – vanished from Praia da Luz in 2007.

Madeleine’s former GP mum Kate, 49, and heart specialist dad Gerry, 48, said they were “incredibly grateful” the police search would continue.

But news of the decision began trending on Twitter.

One taxpayer tweeted: “The Govt has spent £13m of OUR money searching for a child who’s (sic) parents left her at home in a foreign country alone.”

Another messaged: “All these talks of those naughty Tory cuts and yet this is still being funded.”
A third wrote: “253 children listed on Missing Kids website. Why is this case special?”

A fed-up householder wrote: “I have 2 cops to police my crime-ridden area and no CCTV.”

Another taxpayer said: “Sorry but what about the millions of other missing children who had funds cut.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “The investigation is ongoing.”

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Re: Taxpayers Fury as Police handed more money to search for Madeleine

Post  malena stool on Mon 13 Mar - 7:43

What is the betting that the Metropolitan Police spokesman's name is Mitchum or perhaps even Mitchell, who was also unable to reveal or discuss operational procedures.....

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