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The founding of Islam

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The founding of Islam

Post  katertaif on Sat 24 Jun - 23:29

It seems obvious to any thinking person that Islam was founded by a MCP with a barbaric attitude toward women and captives in general, and that everything is bent toward the idea that a woman is a second class citizen. Likened to a field in the Qu'ran, and men are enjoined (by that same Qu'ran) to go in and till their fields whenever they wish. A woman has no right of refusal in this. It's even reported that Mohammed was disporting himself with a Jewish girl after a battle, while she could hear the soldiers killing her husband just outside the tent. Things are getting better but too slowly I believe, until women and men enjoy the same rights and freedoms as each other. One of my trainees, who already had a degree from Sultan Qaboos university in Oman, so we can assume he was reasonably intelligent, was trying to tell me quite seriously that the black clobber they are made to wear is manufactured from a special sun reflecting material, so the wearer is comfortable whatever the temperature, an in Oman it can get to 45Celsius, and even on extreme days a full 50 Celsius. [i] tried to point out that he had reinvented physics since black absorbs heat, but he would not have it. Nor had he at answer for the reason the men wear white or at least very pale pastel shades, Roll on equality
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