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Child survived two days in the forest

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Child survived two days in the forest

Post  pm on Mon 11 May - 19:31

Child survived two days in the forest
The boy of three years, only the t-shirt and diaper, walked 50 hours lost in the territory of bears and coyote, USA.


Joshua Childers already left the hospital. The shooting "Hi and hugs the boy, three years, seems to denote sequelae of adventure that left with hypothermia and dehydration after 50 hours lost in a forest.

While hospitalized, Joshua asked only milk and hot dogs, which have contributed to a dangerous adventure only a memorable adventure.

Child of three years was found alive two days after being missing in a forest in the United States of America. Joshua Childres been lost around 50 hours in the Mark Twain forest in Madison County, in Missouri known as inhabited by bears, snakes and coyote.

The boy has run away from home while his father talked on the phone and the mother slept. Wearing only a t-shirt and was still in diapers.

When the parents were aware of the disappearance of the child and alerted the police has begun to search. The forest, an area of difficult access, hinder the search, involving hundreds of people.

The boy was found lying in a ring, a worker in the building. Joshua was all wet and dirty, but when the man asked him if was ready to return home, he smiled and replied "yes."

The child's father told the "Sky news" I was very surprised by son have survived without food or water for so long. "I do not know how he did it," he said. "Miracle" was the explanation found by David Lewis, the police of Madison Count
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Re: Child survived two days in the forest

Post  Guest on Mon 11 May - 19:47

The dad was on the phone and the boy just walked right out of the front door! What a stupid man!

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