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Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

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Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

Post  Guest on Tue 2 Jun - 5:56

5 year old child's body in a rucksack.

A couple placed the body of their dead child in a rucksack before falling to their deaths from cliffs at Beachy Head, it has been disclosed.

The parents were said to have been unable to come to terms with the death, believed to be the result of an illness, according to sources.

The child's body was found in a rucksack around 400ft down the notorious suicide spot near Eastbourne, East Sussex, alongside the couple's bodies.

A second rucksack found by rescuers nearby was filled with toys. Sussex Police said they were not treating the deaths as suspicious as inquiries continued into the background to the tragedy.

It began to unfold at 8.20pm on Sunday when coastguards on routine patrol saw what they thought were two bodies part-way down the cliff-face.

A decision was taken at the time to wait until the following day for the recovery operation to take place because of the tide and failing light. But when the search resumed, Eastbourne Coastguard station officer Stuart McNab said they discovered the two rucksacks, one containing the body of a child aged around five.

Sources confirmed that the victims were a couple and their young child.

Speaking at the cliff-top, Mr McNab said: "The bag was closed when I got to it. I saw what I thought was a doll's head, but on closer examination it was a child."

He said the second rucksack contained toys, including a tractor and soft toys. A silver Volkswagen camper van found abandoned in a car park nearby was also recovered and is undergoing forensic examination.

None of the victims have been formally identified as next of kin have yet to be informed, a police spokesman said.



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Re: Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

Post  Susan on Tue 2 Jun - 20:24

This is heartbreaking

Parents Neil and Kazumi Puttick and son Samuel

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Re: Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

Post  Guest on Tue 2 Jun - 20:45

Oh dear Lord. I hope they may all rest in eternal peace together x

God bless them x


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Re: Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

Post  Guest on Tue 2 Jun - 20:49

UK, Tuesday June 02, 2009

A grieving couple who jumped to their deaths off cliffs at Beachy Head with the body of their dead son were dedicated parents who lived for their boy, friends say.

Parents Neil and Kazumi Puttick and son Samuel

The victims have been named as Neil Puttick, 34, his Japanese wife Kazumi, 44, and son Samuel, aged five, of Westbury, Wiltshire.

Mr and Mrs Puttick jumped off the cliffs with two rucksacks, one containing Samuel's body and the other carrying toys.

All three bodies were found about 400ft down the notorious suicide spot, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, on Sunday evening.

The child died on Friday evening after being discharged from hospital, where he had been treated for meningitis.

His parents had asked for him to be allowed to come home to die after doctors told them he would not recover from the illness.

Samuel was confined to a wheelchair following a car crash when he was 18-months-old and his parents looked after him with the help of nurses and carers. He was taken ill with meningitis a week ago.

Coastguards recover a body

Neighbour and friend Sue Capon, who owns Brokerswood Country Park opposite the Putticks' home, said: "We are all absolutely devastated. It was such a shock today, they were the most dedicated parents you could wish to meet.

"Sam was adorable, a delight and I feel privileged to have been close to him during his short life.

"He never complained, he was always happy and full of smiles. He loved tractors and the chickens.

"Neil and Kazumi gave 110% to Sam, they used to come to the park, feed the ducks and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside."

Mrs Capon said the parents, who converted their home to accommodate Sam's disabilities, would have struggled to carry on without him.

She said: "They lived for Sam and they loved to have him to themselves on Saturday and Sunday when the carers didn't work.

"Their life was Sam and without him their life did not mean anything to them. They were devoted to one another as well as to their child and it's just such a sad ending."

Coastguards spotted their bodies on Sunday part-way down the cliff-face. Sussex Police confirmed Mr and Mrs Puttick had committed suicide.


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Re: Rucksack child 'dead before plunge'

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