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Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

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Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Post  julygirl3210 on Thu 20 Aug - 22:13

Those of you who know me on 3a will know that I am a Rock Chick. And love Metallica.

This is a quiet number of theirs, complete with an Orchestra as well. Metallica are not just metal head bangers. They happen to be very good musicians as well, and are not adverse to culture.

Now then, hope Marky1 joins on here. He is another Metallica fan (am jealous of him, 'cos he saw them live).

I promise it is not loud eardrum shattering noise. It is really very good.

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Re: Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Post  Guest on Fri 21 Aug - 16:30

OH MY GOD I love that song. I'm not a big metal head but that song is pure class.


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