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McCann's rented car: 11, 229 kms in four months

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McCann's rented car: 11, 229 kms in four months

Post  Guest on Mon 18 Aug - 7:16

The Renault Scenic was rented by the McCann on May 27, 2007 and send back to the renting company on September 23. Mr. Alexander Cameron was also registered as a driver, on May 27. At the end of August, another driver was included in the list: Michael Terence Wright

The final contract extension was signed until September 24. Before the end of the contract, there was a contact between the company and the McCann, because Madeleine's parents were interested in keeping the car for more time.

But the company had also a renting contract with Renault Portugal and had to send the car back to them, so could not extend the renting period. The only way for the McCann to keep the car was buying it, but they refused.

On September 23, the car delivered to the renting company, in Lagos. A tall man, around 1,80 metres, with short grey hair, 60 to 65 years old, speaking English, took the car back and signed the delivery document. The car drove 11,229 km, between May 27 and September 23.

Payments to the renting company were made with credit cards. Several extensions of the renting contract were negotiated, with at least two different credit cards numbers. The last extension was made on September 1, until September 24.


Paulo Reis

this is a quick breakdown of what that mileage means in real terms



miles per year

miles per week

miles per day

That is assuming it was used EVERY day - miss a day and next day you have to do 105 miles to catch up!

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Re: McCann's rented car: 11, 229 kms in four months

Post  Susan on Mon 18 Aug - 9:44

Thats quite alot of milage....

My (personal) car has done just over 30,000 Km in just under 2 years....

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