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Fury as 13-year-old pupils get pregnancy tests at school

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Fury as 13-year-old pupils get pregnancy tests at school

Post  Guest on Thu 4 Feb - 15:11

And guess where these wonderful schools are - yep, Merseyside and the Wirral! Wonder what Esther will have to say about it?

Education officials have been condemned for giving pregnancy tests to thousands of schoolgirls.

Girls as young as thirteen are to be offered routine tests in high schools in Liverpool and Wirral as part of a teenage health drive on Merseyside.

Liverpool health chiefs are planning to fund a pilot project in five schools where full sexual health clinics will be operated.

Family campaigners have condemned education officials over a decision to provide pregnancy tests to schoolgirls as young as 13. (Posed by model)

The move angered morals campaigners who say it is wrong for schools to actively condone under-age sex and will promote promiscuity among pupils.

Dr Adrian Rogers, a GP and founder of the Family Focus campaign said: 'Offering this kind of service in the school setting is going to promote promiscuity.

'There is already free, confidential testing and advice available at every GP's surgery and family planning clinic.

'Schools would be far better holding group discussions about the stupidity, the seriousness, and the damaging effects of immature teenage girls who indulge in early sex.

'Schools wading in to provide this service is a complete waste of time and money and will prove counter-productive.

'Medical professionals are already well-qualified to provide wide-reaching advice to young people.'

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, which researches the causes of family breakdown, said: 'Sexual health clinics on school premises send out the message that it is normal for school children to engage in sexual activity.

'In the past, natural inhibitions combined with fear of pregnancy, legal proceedings and being found out by parents offered a powerful dis-incentive to under-age sex.

'Confidential health clinics in schools are part of a mix that is removing the restraints which previously limited under-age sexual activity.'

But health and education officials insist it is responsible to educate pupils on sexual health and reduce teenage pregnancies and abortions with pregnancy tests.

In the borough of Wirral, 13 out of 29 secondary schools are already involved in the programme of offering routing pregnancy tests.

The drop-in clinics allow pupils to pop in during the school day.

Students can also confidentially receive pregnancy tests along with a raft of services ranging from the morning after pill, height and weight measuring, and advice on alcohol and smoking .

Although pupils are encouraged to tell parents of their visits, Wirral health and council officials have written to parents confirming they do not require consent as the law dictates 'no young person can be prevented by the school from accessing the health service'.

The move comes as figures show the number of Wirral under 18s falling pregnant dropped from 312 to 303 between 2006-7.

Gordon Fair, a lead consultant on the programme said: 'Initial indications have shown that health services in school teams are providing early identification on a range of potential health related issues.'

He added: 'We have found that many young people are being helped and guided on issues including smoking, alcohol use and associated risk-taking behaviours.'

The Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust confirmed it is working with Liverpool City Council on plans to launch pregnancy testing and sexual health drop-in services in five high schools in the city.

Figures for 2007 show that in Liverpool 51 in every 1000 girls aged 15-17 fall pregnant compared to the the national average of 41.7.

A Liverpool PCT spokeswoman said its project was 'in its infancy' but would be offered to schools 'on a voluntary basis, and only with the full agreement of senior management teams and governing bodies.

'National and international research evidences that if we are to improve young people's sexual health and reduce the number of unplanned conceptions in young people under the age of 18, we must provide high quality sexual health education, and easy access to sexual health services for information and support.'


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Re: Fury as 13-year-old pupils get pregnancy tests at school

Post  Guest on Sun 7 Feb - 8:42

Sex education at the age of 5 and now this? I'm so glad I'm out of the UK.

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