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Stella Kiser and Jesse Compton (Warning- contains graphic descriptions of abuse)

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Stella Kiser and Jesse Compton (Warning- contains graphic descriptions of abuse)

Post  Guest on Sat 6 Mar - 8:29

Tesslynn O’Cull the poster child of child abuse
2009 November 30
by Doc Cobra
.Tesslynn O’Cull was born on 8th June 1994 in California. She for her short life lived with her mother Stella Kiser. When Tesslynn was 2 years and 4 months they moved to Oregon. Stella did not live with Tesslynn’s natural father due to a family member stating as he was abusive and had been involved into introducing drugs to Stella. Stella’s up bringing had consisted of abuse from her father, so in her adult life she did not know any better than to have abusive people around her and her child. This then brought about the introduction of Jesse Compton. This was not long after Stella and Tesslynn moved to Oregon. It was then only 6 months before the evil that is Jesse Compton would turn this happy and healthy child into what has been one of the worlds most horrific crimes. He was a man who had already been denied the right to see his own child due court rulling signs of abuse.

On 17th June 1997 Jesse Compton and Stella Kiser were arrested in the death of Tesslynn O’Cull. Her body had been found by police officers after there was a report made by Jesse Compton’s sister, Lacey saying that she had helped Tesslynn mother and step father bury her body 2 days before. So the following day the police found the body of Tesslynn O’Cull. With her body where some items that were later to be used to prove the involvement of Jesse Compton and Stella Kiser in her death. These items were a piece of cloth that was believed to be torn from a curtain, a strip of grey cloth, a blue belt and a women ring with a pink stone in it.

Later that day the police did a search of the house that they lived in and discovered many thing that help lead to the conviction. First thing they found was drug paraphernalia, drug residue and a propane torch. They also found the house was dirty and smelt bad. On further investigation they found were items that had been used in the abuse of Tesslynn O’Cull. These consisted of lamp with a cut cord, a pair of pliers with a burnt residue on it, rubbing alcohol bottles and some white cloth that had knots in them. They also did a search of the local dumpster and found a mother day card for Stella, child’s clothing, an electrical cord that had been cut that had a frayed end, a blue cloth, a white piece of cloth and a shoe string with knots tied into it. There were also hair tangled in with the cloth and shoe string.

Examination of Tesslynn’s body

The medical examiner discovered signs of abuse that were new and old. Starting with infected and unhealed blisters on every part of her body including her rectum buttocks and vagina. There was a gaping wound on her back that was caused by what is believed to be the propane torch that was seized on the investigation of the home. The toxicology reports that were taken showed that there was a large amount of alcohol in her system. This being from Stella and Jesse pouring the rubbing alcohol over her open wounds. There were signs that she had been violently raped and that she had sustained a spinal fracture approximately 3 weeks before. It was believed that the rape had also been after the spinal fracture. She also had sustained bruising to her abdominal area which was believed that she had been kicked or stomped there. She had sustained a ruptured liver and also had rope burns around her wrists and ankles. There were also numerous small burns to her body, which later was reported to have been done by Jesse Compton and Stella Kiser after they had discovered Tesslynn in her bed dead. What that they were trying to do was, using the cut cable from the lamp, shock her back to life. The medical examiner who did the autopsy ruled that cause of death had been from shock but he could not determine which exact injury this was from as most of the injuries she had sustained could have caused it.

Once they were arrested the questioning of Stella and Jesse and other people who came into contact with Tesslynn before her death gave a description of a very sad and painful short life suffered by this child. From the time of Stella and Jesse meeting, people started to become concerned about how Tesslynn was being treated. There were many a drug party help at their house where Tesslynwas reported to have been locked into her room. It was also noted that if Jesse Compton had been in the room to quite the child she would become very distressed and cry for hours after. When one neighbour had finally spoke up about his concerns he threatened the man and his family that if anyone was to report him that he would kill them. Jesse Compton was not a man that people would have wanted to mess with as on other occasions he had even gone as far as to hold a flame over his hand to show how tough he was. He had also been observed having hit, slapped and dragged by the hair when others were around. He also called her many disparaging names. In the weeks before her death it appears that she sustained a fractured spine. It was believed that at some point after this inquiry the the police came over to the house to investigate reports of abuse. When there they had observed her sitting on the couch with a blanket covering her. They said she waved to them which they indicated that they felt she was ok and left. Without having a proper examination or conversation with the child. It was then believed after this in her last few days that she had been raped and hit around the head. They also believed that she was tied up for up to and possibly more than 10 hours per day with her feet tied above her head to her wrists. This was the position she was in when Jesse Compton discovered that she had died. Once they realised that they would be in trouble for the state of the child they then with the help of Jesse’s sister they buried her off a logging road. Which is where the police found her after the confession of Jesse’s sister 2 days after her death.

So a child has to die to escape from these monsters. Even in the days following Tesslynn death her mother and step father were seen to be happy and playful saying they were planning to have another child and they wanted a baby boy. Then when questioned where Tesslynn was they said with family or the babysitter. But once arrested it did not take much to prove that her parents had abused Tesslynn. The jury then listened to all the proof and witness and found Jesse Compton guilty of 6 counts of aggravated murder, murder by abuse, first degree sexual penetration, and second degree abuse of a corpse. He was given a death the death sentence and is still sitting on death row now. Bellow I will put the link to the site were you can sign a petition to be sure that Jesse Compton is executed for the murder of Tesslynn O’Cull. Her mother was not given as harsh a sentence because it was believed that Jesse Compton did most of the abuse. Her mother though not responsible for most of it, was responsible to not doing anything to stop it. She was convicted of aggravated murder and given life in jail with no parole.


Copied from http://mhotd.com/2009/11/30/tesslynn-o%E2%80%99cull-the-poster-child-of-child-abuse/

You will have noticed this bit - Even in the days following Tesslynn death her mother and step father were seen to be happy and playful saying they were planning to have another child and they wanted a baby boy.

I would like to get my hands on these monsters (and the Granny as well). I would save the state of Oregon the trouble of dealing with them!

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Re: Stella Kiser and Jesse Compton (Warning- contains graphic descriptions of abuse)

Post  AnnaEsse on Sat 6 Mar - 9:31

TFG, I don't have a way of understanding such evil. I read the article about the abuse that little child suffered because I think it's important to know and to acknowledge how much she suffered. Sometimes I think I just can't bear to read the horrific details, but that's from my cosy warm house, where even my cats are safe from the vile abuse that some small children are subjected to.

I don't know what I'd do if I ever came into contact with the evil, sub-human people who totally destroyed that child. The vital spark of human love, compassion and empathy is missing from them. They are walking excrement and perhaps should be treated as such.

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