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mumsnet-election ?

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mumsnet-election ?

Post  Guest on Sat 13 Mar - 2:44



Or did they realise Gordon hid the death of a child ?

Anna Raccoon claimed to be building her site to engage "women" into politics.

Did she attempt to ride to "fame" on the back of Madeleine McMann ?

Dis she steal the "database" from Anorack ? I don't know, I was told she did !

Astro-turfers, don't you just love them, it's the "new" spin doctor. All in my 'umble opinion, M_lud.

can I wash my socks now ?


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Re: mumsnet-election ?

Post  Guest on Sat 13 Mar - 11:09

Maybe "ordinary mothers" are just the same as everybody else - sick of Gordon Brown's lies, spin and expenses fiddles!


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