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Children help deliver baby brother

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Children help deliver baby brother

Post  Guest on Sat 20 Mar - 22:20

911 Birth: Children Help Deliver Baby Brother
2:00pm UK, Saturday March 20, 2010
Gregor Hunter, Sky News Online
A nine-year-old boy and his sister, 11, have been praised for helping their mother give birth to their baby brother by themselves.

Jabari and Faith Sanders were coached over the phone by a 911 operator when their mum Alana went into early labour at their home in Fremont, California.
"My mum started screaming and then she started bleeding all over her body and then the baby came so I called 911 for an ambulance," Jabari explained.
"Then my sister told my mum to lie down."
In a 911 call released by the emergency services, Mrs Sanders can be heard in the background screaming: "The baby's coming now."
As paramedics rushed to the scene, an emergency operator calmly talked the children through the delivery.
After the baby was born, Faith cleaned the newborn and calmly set about dealing with the umbilical cord.

Dad Geoffrey with the new arrival
"The operator started talking to me and telling me to take a piece of yarn or string and tie it around the umbilical cord and I did," she said.
"Shortly after that the paramedics knocked on the door."
The baby boy weighed a healthy nine pounds and four ounces.
Mrs Sanders, 36, told local media afterwards: "They didn't freak out. They didn't fight with each other."
"It's still not real to me that I gave birth to my baby in my bathroom," she went on.
"I'm just very grateful that my kids were there."
Father Geoffrey Sanders, 35, who had left for work early in the morning, praised his children for their level-headedness.
"I'm a proud father," he said. "It's kind of a pat on the back that we are doing something right."


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Re: Children help deliver baby brother

Post  Susan on Wed 14 Apr - 20:37

OMG what a lovely story

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Re: Children help deliver baby brother

Post  Smudge on Wed 14 Apr - 23:01

Isn't that lovely, I'm sure they will have a very special bond with their baby brother.


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Re: Children help deliver baby brother

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