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How sad is this? Teenage bride of Islamist militant named as 'Black Widow' suicide bomber

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How sad is this? Teenage bride of Islamist militant named as 'Black Widow' suicide bomber

Post  Guest on Fri 2 Apr - 13:49

The 17-year-old bride of an Islamist militant was named today as one of the “Black Widow” suicide bombers who killed 39 people in the Moscow Metro.

Investigators believe that Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova blew herself up at the Lubyanka station, close to the headquarters of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), in revenge for the killing of her husband, Kommersant newspaper reported.

It published a photograph of the teenager exuding childish defiance as she brandished a pistol in black Islamic dress next to her husband, Umalat Magomedov. He was killed on New Year’s Eve in a shoot-out with police in his native Dagestan.

Magomedov was regarded as the leader of a terrorist group in Dagestan linked to the Islamist movement of Doku Umarov, who has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings.

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Abdurakhmanova, also from Dagestan, is said to have become acquainted with Magomedov as a 16-year-old via the internet. He took her as his wife soon afterwards, though it is unclear whether they were married formally.

Magomedov, also known as Albaro, died when traffic police flagged down a Lada car in which he and three other militants were travelling in the town of Khasavyurt, Dagestan. Police said that the group began shooting at the checkpoint and were killed when officers returned fire.

Police released grisly photographs of the facial remains of the two female bombers this week in an attempt to identify them. Abdurakhmanova’s head had been completely severed from her body in the explosion.

The woman who carried out the second bombing at Park Kultury station has not been identified yet but Kommersant reported that investigators suspected it was a 20-year-old Chechen woman, Markha Ustarkhanova.

She was the widow of the self-styled “Emir” of the Gudermes region of Chechnya, Said-Emi Khizriyev, who was shot dead by police last October. Khizriyev had been accused of plotting to asassinate Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed President.

A survivor of the Park Kultury attack gave a vivid account of the moment the suicide bomber struck. Sim Eih Xing, a medical student from Malaysia, recounted how he had stood next to the woman for 20 minutes before stepping out of the carriage at the station just before she detonated the device.

He said that he noticed the woman in a purple jacket “in a very abnormal posture as if she wanted to get out of the metro” when he entered the train two stops before Park Kultury. Sim, 23, told the Moscow Times: “She wasn’t wearing a scarf. Her eyes were very open, like on drugs, and she barely blinked, and it was scary.”

He had intended to stay on the train but delays caused by the explosion that had already taken place at Lubyanka prompted him to get off at Park Kultury to switch lines. As soon as he stepped on the platform, he said, there was an explosion.

“It was very loud, but I could see white sparks on my left. I thought I was dead at that time,” he said. “I felt like I was being controlled by someone else. I didn’t panic. I just walked like normal.”

When he turned around, he saw dead and injured people throughout the carriage. Miraculously, Sim suffered only minor cuts to one leg and singed hair, and was able to walk out of the station.

“I kept on praying all the way up the metro because I thought that there might be another bomb. If I hadn’t gotten out of the wagon at that time I would be dead already. It’s unexplainable.”

She was nothing more than a child herself. IMHO she was as much a victim as the other 39 poor souls who died. The people who indoctrinate their young into believing that this is "righteous" behaviour are the ones who are really responsible; they are the ones who will have to answer to their makers when the time comes.


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Re: How sad is this? Teenage bride of Islamist militant named as 'Black Widow' suicide bomber

Post  4timesanan on Fri 2 Apr - 15:11

FFG....this is taking place not far from where i live...it is about the building of an £18million mosque in dudley.
i personally think that religion should be practised humbly and privately without ostentation(but hair shirts optional ) so from that perspective then to me the building is provactive...but the muslim community have raised the money ..so why didn't these other good people/the protestors raise money to build a church/hopsice/charity shop/christian centre,or whatever on the empty land....as for the EDL well i have read reports that they recruit 13/14 year olds.... i understand people's fears of terrorisim but EDL shouldnt be using the kids...
also this week i have been pestered once at home by the JWs and then the next day in the street by two young mormons who would not shift out of me way and made me miss my bus.... i would have liked to have left them in a room together with the JWs.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 14:42

West Midlands Police
MOST of you will be well aware of the protest planned for Dudley on Saturday.

You will also know only too well the events in Bolton , which were marred by arrests, injuries and recriminations. Protesters from both sides and some who sought to attach themselves were arrested and the media were quick to report extensively on the levels of violence.

Our message to supporters of the EDL’s values and principles is simple.

We are prepared to enable you to make your honestly held opinions known and will enable any peaceful means for you to do that on the day.

Our priority on Saturday will be the safety of the public and protesters and the policing operation will be robust and decisive to fully reflect that. Any incidents of disorder or racially motivated crime from any quarter will lead to arrest, with the offenders risking prosecution. We are committed to upholding your democratic right to air your beliefs, but only if you do so peacefully.

On the day you will come into contact with West Midlands Police officers who will guide you. We would ask that you accede to any requests to ensure all EDL supporters wishing to attend can reach the agreed venue safely. There will also be officers filming the event to ensure any protesters, whether affiliated to one of the groups or not, are not allowed to sabotage your protest through criminal action. Officers looking for any signs of weapons and banners which can be turned into weapons, will also be checking for evidence of drug taking and excess drunkenness.

Whilst West Midlands Police have a duty to enable the event to go ahead, we also have a duty to those people who live and work in the town. They are people who may well agree with your sentiments – maintaining peace in their town while getting your opinions across in a peaceful manner will strengthen their support.
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