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The Drugging of Children by Professionals

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The Drugging of Children by Professionals

Post  Loopdaloop on Sat 3 Apr - 1:15

Again, we see this does go on and often.

Worker "tranquilised" children
Four kids spend days in hospital
benzodiazepines found in systems

A DAYCARE worker has been charged in Spain over claims that six toddlers at the centre where she worked were given tranquilisers.

The children, aged from just a few months to two years old, were taken to hospital earlier this month after showing signs of drowsiness at the daycare centre in the northwestern port of Vigo, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported.

Four of the children spent several days in hospital but all six recovered and are now well, Sky News reported.

The cause of the children's drowsiness was at first a mystery, with a chemical or gas leak cited as possible reasons.

But tests on the children found traces of benzodiazepines, often prescribed to manage anxiety, panic and sleep disorders, investigators said.

An employee was charged with acts endangering public health, they added.

The judge who is leading the investigation into the case is expected to question other staff members at the centre after the Easter break.

Part of me thinks that the psychological barriers to prevent someone doing this would be much lower in an occupation where they are used to doing this all the time. Such as GP's prescribing ritilin to treat ADHD when in reality all the kids need is a change of parenting techniques as you and I both know that given a week supernanny jo frost would sort out any hyper child!

I only found out recently that Kate Mccann was actually trained as a anaesthetist! Alll through the initial reports I was under the impression that she was a gyno, yet having googled recently I noticed that the original news stories from when it first happened do say that she did train as a anaesthetist yet the reporting of her as that trailed off at some point, perhaps this was an intentional piece of PR ? but someone trained in that sphere would be a bit cocky in their understanding of what did what and for the length of time!

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Re: The Drugging of Children by Professionals

Post  AnnaEsse on Sat 3 Apr - 8:53

Loopdaloop, I think that some doctors, especially specialists can become quite "cocky," about what they know and that they are the experts etc.

Let me tell you a story about an anaesthetist. Names will be omitted to protect the guilty!

In a hospital in the UK some years ago, a man was taken in one weekend day as an emergency and was assessed as needing an urgent appendectomy. The anaesthetist on call was summoned. Now, the hospital had recently taken charge of a new ventilator machine on which the gauges for oxygen levels etc were difficult to read and it was decided that the anaesthetist should always work with an ODA (Operating Department Assistant). However, this particular anaesthetist instructed that the ODA on call should not be brought in because he didn't need one, being a very experienced anaesthetist and he could do his job without assistance.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the oxygen supply, which went unnoticed until the surgeon observed that the blood was de-oxygenated, by which time the man had been deprived of oxygen for around 5 minutes and had sustained massive brain damage. It took the family around 10 years to get compensation. The anaesthetist? He was shunted off to a hospital in a distant region! The compensation was paid with no admission of liability and this information did not come out in the investigation. I know it because I know someone who was present.


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Re: The Drugging of Children by Professionals

Post  Guest on Thu 19 Aug - 1:25

One of the most infamous cases imo:-

Christina Marie Riggs

Executed May 2, 2000 by Lethal Injection in Arkansas


Riggs, a licensed nurse, was convicted of murder by smothering her two preschool-aged children in their beds at the family's Sherwood home. On November 4, 1997, Riggs obtained the anti-depressant Elavil from her pharmacist, the painkiller morphine and the toxic potassium chloride from the hospital where she worked. The heart-stopping potassium chloride is the same drug used in the lethal cocktail injected into condemned inmates in the death house. Riggs gave the children a small amount of Elavil to put them to sleep. Then she placed each of the children in their beds. About 10 p.m., she injected 5 year old Justin with undiluted potassium chloride. But unless it is diluted, the drug causes burning and pain. Justin woke and cried out in terror. She then smothered the boy with a pillow. Moving to her 2 year old Shelby, Riggs passed on the potassium chloride injection because of the pain it had caused Justin. She suffocated her daughter with a pillow. Riggs then placed the children side-by-side on her bed and covered them with a blanket. She wrote suicide notes, took 28 Elavil tablets, normally a lethal dose, and injected herself with enough undiluted potassium chloride to kill five people. The Elavil took effect, and she fell unconscious to the floor. The next day, she was discovered by her mother and rushed to the hospital. At her June 1998 trial, Riggs contended she was not guilty by reason of insanity, blaming chronic, acute depression, but the Pulaski County jury convicted her. During the penalty phase, Riggs would not allow attorneys to put on a defense, saying she wanted a death sentence. The jury obliged.

Riggs was the fifth woman executed in the United States since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976. She was also the first woman executed in Arkansas in more than 150 years.



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Re: The Drugging of Children by Professionals

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