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Video launched by Stephen Watkins searching for missing children Special

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Video launched by Stephen Watkins searching for missing children Special Empty Video launched by Stephen Watkins searching for missing children Special

Post  milly on Wed 12 Oct - 22:26

Toronto - Stephen Watkins deals everyday with a parent's nightmare. His children were taken from him and their home. Watkins has launched a special video in hopes of finding his boys.
The boys, Christopher and Alexander Watkins, are thought to be in Europe with their mother who had lost her parental rights before fleeing with them.
YouTube videos often get a lot of air play. For that reason Watkins has placed his videos on the video sharing site. The latest video produced is a departure from most videos made by parents searching for their own children. Watkins has gone through the ropes with Sony Music to produce a high quality video that is available in several languages.
In order to achieve world-wide coverage of these online videos, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. and Sony in the United States has licensed the father, Stephen Watkins, with a one-hit-wonder song by Jimmy Harnen with Synch which hit the US billboard charts in the top #10 in 1989. Mr. Harnen was contacted by Mr. Watkins directly in November 2009 asking his permission to use his song “Where Are You Now” for this special campaign and Mr. Harnen himself and associated publishing companies paved the way by providing their written consent to Sony for the track's use in helping to find Mr. Watkins' Missing Children.
Derek Rambeau, Co-coordinator, Licensing for Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., said during a phone interview that Mr. Watkins had approached the company about use of the song after speaking with the band. The licensing for the video then went through the normal process.
"This is a very noble cause. Watkins has worked very hard to put this video together, " Rambeau continued, "I really hope that the end result is positive and he finds his children."
When asked what made you decide to allow the use your song “Where Are You Now” in the Public Service Announcement for the Watkins, children singer Jimmy Harnen responded, “The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children used my song, 'Where are you Now', in the early 1990’s, and I could not have been more proud to have helped out in some small way to perhaps reunite parents with their children. And, the same thing applies in this situation. I hope that this song can assist in reuniting parents with their children.”
The plight of Watkins is shared by countless parents worldwide. There are often no answers and only questions when a child is missing. Local authorities can have their hands tied when it comes to dealing with international laws. The only hope is that someone sees their child and reports the information to police in the area the child is currently at.
Mr. Watkins originally obtained a Joint Custody Order in 2006. In November, 2007, the courts ordered the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS) to remove the boys from Mrs. Watkins care and her parental authority was suspended. On Jan. 29, 2008 their father was given Custody Care by the courts and after a lengthy trial Stephen Watkins was awarded Final Sole Custody of his sons on Jan. 26, 2009. Six weeks later, Alexander and Christopher Watkins were abducted. Both little boys were diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the older son has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
This is the first known Canadian case of a concerned parent involving a missing children’s organization before an abduction. Mr. Watkins contacted Child Find Ontario in September, 2008, when he saw signs that his ex-wife was going to abduct his sons. Ms. Terry Smith, case director of Child Find Ontario has been assisting in searching for the Watkins Missing Children.
It is believed that the abductor and the boys were driven across the U.S border on March 8, 2009 during a weekend access visit with the mother aided by the maternal grandfather, Tadeusz (Ted) Ustaszewski. Since that time, Mr. Ustaszewski has been charged with “aiding and abetting” and his trial has been set for December 13, 2010.
Since the boys' parental abduction Watkins has been working not only to find his boys but has teamed with other parents to address issues that allow non-custodial parents take their children to other nations. Mr. Watkins has been petitioning the Canadian Government for changes to its regulation – specifically in two areas – to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Mr. Watkins hopes that the release of the PSA abduction story video of his sons in the languages of English, French, Polish and German, will create the media attention to his case that will lead to the safe location and return of his little boys and also promote public awareness to evoke change in Canadian regulations.
"My wish is through simple changes within Canadian regulations that I can help to prevent another parent going through the same trauma I feel every day since my boys have been gone."
In the case of Christopher and Alexander Watkins their passports had been ordered to be surrendered before his ex-wife removed them from the country. She was also ordered not to take the boys out of Ontario. In addition her own passport was canceled due to non-payment of support. Cracks formed and Mrs. Edyta Ustaszewska - Watkins told the Court she had lost the boys' passports. She used those lost passports and her own canceled passport to to enter the U.S., board an airline and fly from there to Germany.
The boys are thought to be in Poland. While the Police Courts have ordered police to search for the children there has been no Polish investigator or officer assigned to this case.

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/292737#ixzz10xfKLGaP

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Video launched by Stephen Watkins searching for missing children Special Empty Re: Video launched by Stephen Watkins searching for missing children Special

Post  milly on Wed 12 Oct - 22:27