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Can our politicians tell the truth

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Can our politicians tell the truth Empty Can our politicians tell the truth

Post  katertaif Sat 29 Nov - 12:31

As the General election comes ever closer, the subject of Immigration is on all our politicians' lips. Whether you or I agree with immigration or not is not the issue. the real issue is that even now, our elected representatives will not tell the truth. Farage will (or at least says he will) reduce the inflow completely. I think most of us will agree that is a pipe dream. Cameron and Milliband only disagree on a limit, and the timescale to achieve it, while Clegg doesn't know if he will still be an MP after May.

Almost daily Cameron or Theresa May announce a newest of measures to control immigration and they are not measures at all, they are proposals. These proposals may never even see the light of day. We re already wedded to the EU to such an extent, that we have little control over out laws or our borders. We would need a majority of the 28 member states to agree with us, before these measures could even become worth talking about.

There is absolutely no chance of that. Italy may agree with us, as they are bearing the brunt of the waves of asylum seekers from N. Africa. Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, certainly will not, and the two founder members France and Germany will be up in arms.

Is this what Cameron meant when he promised a referendum, after a period of favourable renegotiation?

Still I suppose they will cobble something up for us, designed to mean precisely nothing, but sound good to us unintelligent plebs

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