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Missing Madeleine
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Missing Madeleine
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British dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!!

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British dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!! Empty British dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!!

Post  Guest Wed 23 Jun - 22:04

Hi All, we need some urgent help to help a British Dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. At present, he is even being denied access to see them.

Ken Spooners two son’s were taken to Zambia by their mother on a two week holiday, 18 months ago. A British High Court Order states that the children are British, resided in Britain and should be returned to Britain forthwith. Ken went out to Zambia first time and the boys were basically re-abducted at the airport. He has now gone out there for another trial, but surprisingly, the Zambian Courts are now saying that they will not order a British Court Order.

If they are allowed to do this, it sets precedent that means it is unlikely to ever have a British child returned from Zambia in the future.

Only the British Government can now step in to help Ken and any other child currently being held, or who may be held in Zambia in the future. This needs to happen soon as Kens visa runs out next week, and because this is now not viewed as a legal matter, it is unlikely Zambia will issue another visitors visa for at least 12 months.

This means Kens boys will be lost to him.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do to help Ken.

First off, copy and paste the letter below , feel free to alter to your own language / tone. Initially, this should go to the two MP’s in Kens residential area. These are:

Mr Mark Lancaster lancasterm@parliament.uk
Mr Iain Stewart iain.stewart.mp@parliament.uk
If you live in the UK, write to your own MP, you can find their email address at http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/
Then, if you can spare the time, and if you don’t live in the UK, email as many MP’s as possible.
Please do forward this email on, we can help and make a difference here. Even 50 or so emails landing up in each MP’s email box is going to warrant attention in Parliament. If you’re on Facebook, please look at the Forever Searching Group, this is all posted under the Discussion Board. It would be helpful if you could leave comments regarding actions you have taken to keep the thread live and attract new people to it.
Thanks so much for your help, it’s been proved before in the return of Sean Goldman from Brazil. If enough people come together stating their support of a countries citizen in the light of a huge injustice, things happen!



Ken Spooner is a British national, he is a law abiding citizen, and he is also a loving father to two little boys, Devlan 4 and Caelan who is 2. Both of these children are British nationals.

For the last 18 months Ken has been fighting the fight of his life, a fight that has cost him in excess of £150 000 in travel expenses, legal costs and lost earnings.

In October of 2008, Zanetta Nyendwa, a Zambian national, and Ken’s former girlfriend and mother of his two sons, took their two boys on, on what she described as a holiday to her home land, Zambia. She phoned Ken, the day after her arrival to advise that she was not returning to the UK.

The British High Court issued an order for the Children’s return to the UK; Ken had to travel to Zambia to execute it. The order was successful, and Ken was given permission to take the children home, however when Ken and the children arrived at Lusaka International Airport, they were met by Zanetta and her lawyers. The children were taken from Ken and handed over to Zanetta, with the help of the Zambian police.

On the 16th June, the Zambian Supreme Court, set aside the English order, that Ken Spooner wanted registered and enforced in Zambia, effectively dismissing the English High Court Ruling.

Ken is still being denied access to his sons, he is faced with returning to Britain without his two British children and furthermore, as the Zambian Court has dismissed the English Order, he will not be able to return to Zambia for 12 months once his visa expires next week.

The net result of this, as is usually the case where countries ignore court orders, is that these two British children will be lost to their Father and their Homeland indefinitely.

I hereby respectfully ask that assistance is afforded to Mr Spooner via the British Consulate in Lusaka who are aware of him and his and the boys plight.

I look forward to hearing from you, on how you will be taking this issue forward.

Kind Regards


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British dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!! Empty Re: British dad currently in Zambia trying to get his two boys home. HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!!

Post  Guest Wed 23 Jun - 22:05


Ms Diane Abbott chalkiasg@parliament.uk
Mr Gerry Adams adamsg@parliament.uk
Mr Nigel Adams nigel.adams.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Adam Afriyie afriyiea@parliament.uk
Right Honourable Bob Ainsworth ainsworthr@parliament.uk
Mr Peter Aldous peter.aldous.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Douglas Alexander alexanderd@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Danny Alexander danny.alexander.mp@parliament.uk
Ms Heidi Alexander heidi.alexander.mp@parliament.uk
Ms Rushanara Ali rushanara.ali.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Graham Allen allengw@parliament.uk
Mr David Amess amessd@parliament.uk
Mr David Anderson andersonda@parliament.uk
Mr Stuart Andrew stuart.andrew.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot arbuthnotj@parliament.uk
Mr Ian Austin austini@parliament.uk

Mr Richard Bacon richardbaconmp@parliament.uk
Mrs Louise Bagshawe louise.bagshawe.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Adrian Bailey baileya@parliament.uk
Mr Willie Bain bainw@parliament.uk
Mr Norman Baker bakern@parliament.uk
Mr Steve Baker steve.baker.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Tony Baldry baldryt@parliament.uk
Mrs Harriett Baldwin harriett.baldwin.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Ed Balls ballse@parliament.uk
Mr Gordon Banks banksgr@parliament.uk
Mr Steve Barclay stephen.barclay.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Gregory Barker barkerg@parliament.uk
Mr John Baron baronj@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Kevin Barron barronk@parliament.uk
Mr Gavin Barwell gavin.barwell.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Hugh Bayley bayleyh@parliament.uk
Mr Guto Bebb guto.bebb.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Margaret Beckett beckettm@parliament.uk
Miss Anne Begg begga@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith cheesemang@parliament.uk
Sir Stuart Bell contact@stuartbellmp.org
Mr Henry Bellingham bellinghamh@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Hilary Benn bennh@parliament.uk
Mr Joe Benton bentonj@parliament.uk
Mr Richard Benyon benyonr@parliament.uk
Rt Hon John Bercow bercowj@parliament.uk
Sir Paul Beresford dukem@parliament.uk
Ms Luciana Berger luciana.berger.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Jake Berry jake.berry.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Clive Betts bettsc@parliament.uk
Mr Andrew Bingham andrew.bingham.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Brian Binley binleyb@parliament.uk
Mr Gordon Birtwistle gordon.birtwistle.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Bob Blackman bob.blackman.mp@parliament.uk
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods mail@roberta.org.uk
Ms Nicola Blackwood nicola.blackwood.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Hazel Blears blearsh@parliament.uk
Mr Tom Blenkinsop tom.blenkinsop.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Paul Blomfield paul.blomfield.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon David Blunkett blunkettd@parliament.uk
Mr Crispin Blunt crispinbluntmp@parliament.uk
Mr Nicholas Boles
Mr Peter Bone bonep@parliament.uk
Mr Peter Bottomley bottomleyp@parliament.uk
Ms Karen Bradley karen.bradley.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw bradshawb@parliament.uk
Mr Graham Brady crowthers@parliament.uk
Mr Tom Brake braket@parliament.uk
Miss Angie Bray angie.bray.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Julian Brazier brazierj@parliament.uk
Mr Kevin Brennan brennank@parliament.uk
Mr Andrew Bridgen andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Steve Brine steve.brine.mp@parliament.uk
Mr James Brokenshire brokenshirej@parliament.uk
Mrs Annette Brooke brookea@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Nick Brown nickbrownmp@parliament.uk
Mr Russell Brown brownr@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Gordon Brown browng@parliament.uk
Ms Lyn Brown brownl@parliament.uk
Mr Jeremy Browne brownej@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce hernandeza@parliament.uk
Mrs Fiona Bruce fiona.bruce.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Chris Bryant bryantc@parliament.uk
Ms Karen Buck buckk@parliament.uk
Mr Robert Buckland robert.buckland.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Richard Burden burdenr@parliament.uk
Mr Aidan Burley aidan.burley.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Andy Burnham burnhama@parliament.uk
Mr Simon Burns burnss@parliament.uk
Mr Conor Burns conor.burns.mp@parliament.uk
Mr David Burrowes burrowesd@parliament.uk
Mr Paul Burstow burstowp@parliament.uk
Mr Alistair Burt burta@parliament.uk
Ms Lorely Burt burtl@parliament.uk
Mr Dan Byles dan.byles.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Liam Byrne byrnel@parliament.uk

Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable cablev@parliament.uk
Mr David Cairns cairnsd@parliament.uk
Mr Alun Cairns alun.cairns.mp@parliament.uk
Rt Hon David Cameron
Mr Ronnie Campbell campbellr@parliament.uk
Mr Alan Campbell campbellal@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell campbellm@parliament.uk
Mr Gregory Campbell campbellg@parliament.uk
Mr Alistair Carmichael carmichaela@parliament.uk
Mr Neil Carmichael neil.carmichael.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Douglas Carswell douglas@douglascarswell.com
Mr William Cash mcconaloguej@parliament.uk
Mr Martin Caton catonm@parliament.uk
Mrs Jenny Chapman jenny.chapman.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Rehman Chishti rehman.chishti.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Christopher Chope chopec@parliament.uk
Mr James Clappison clappisonj@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Greg Clark gregclarkmp@parliament.uk
Ms Katy Clark clarkk@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke clarkek@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Tom Clarke clarket@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Nick Clegg cleggn@parliament.uk
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown cliftonbrowng@parliament.uk
Rt Hon Ann Clwyd clwyda@parliament.uk
Mr Vernon Coaker coakerv@parliament.uk
Ms Ann Coffey coffeya@parliament.uk
Dr Therese Coffey therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk
Mr Damian Collins damian.collins.mp@parliament.uk


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