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Fan fury as Rose shows thorny side

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Fan fury as Rose shows thorny side Empty Fan fury as Rose shows thorny side

Post  Guest on Thu 2 Sep - 22:16

Fan fury as Rose shows thorny side

By Michael McHale, Brendan Farrelly and Eamon Sweeney

Thursday September 02 2010

THOUSANDS of music fans were left reeling last night when one of the world’s most famous rockers walked off the stage after just 25 minutes.

A significant proportion of the crowd at Dublin’s O2 immediately left the Guns n’ Roses concert after the band’s lead man Axl Rose left them shocked at his stroppy behaviour and sudden departure.

Most had waited patiently for two-and-a-half hours before the band came on stage, before they decided to abruptly end the concert.

But for the rest of the fans who decided to wait even longer in the hope of Rose’s return, they were finally given a full Guns n’ Roses gig when they returned to the stage 40 minutes later.

“The doors had opened at 6pm, with the support act going on stage at around 7pm,” concert goer Sean Graham, from California but living in Cork, said.

“They finished up about an hour later, and then there was nothing until Axl came on stage at 10.30pm.”

The band were half way through their second song of the night, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, when Rose abruptly stopped singing and said: “Here is the deal. One more bottle up here and we go. We don’t want to go. Your choice.”

After 25 minutes and just three songs played, he attempted to introduce the band when a bottle was thrown on stage.

While none of the band members were hit, workers at the music venue had to mop up spilt water from the floor before Rose declared: “Okay, that’s it. Good night. Have a nice evening,” and abruptly departed.

A chorus of boos then erupted, with throngs of disappointed fans making their way to the exits. Arriving on stage to try to explain the situation, a woman appealed to the large crowd to “bear with us while we try to sort out technical difficulties. Be patient”.

Soon after, Denis Desmond, the head of MCD Promotions, in charge of managing the event, took centre stage and appealed for calm. He said they were doing everything they could to get the act back on stage.

“Please refrain from throwing any items on stage. We are doing all we can. It is going to be a great show.”

But it wasn’t for another 40 minutes until the band finally re-emerged at 11.30pm to a rousing rendition of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. They then played a full set before leaving just before 1am.

Last night a spokesperson for MCD was not available for comment, and it is not yet known whether the fans who left the concert early will be refunded because of the incident.

- Michael McHale, Brendan Farrelly and Eamon Sweeney

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