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Mark Blanco Death - Pete Doherty involved?

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Mark Blanco Death - Pete Doherty involved? Empty Mark Blanco Death - Pete Doherty involved?

Post  margaret on Mon 6 Sep - 10:28

Posted this here as l've been interested in this case and it's not just us who seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall of silent witnesses.....

I hope his mum will soon get to the bottom of this and be at peace.

She's done all her own detective work and not once begging for money!


Man Dies After Doherty Visit: New Evidence

A mother has claimed new evidence obtained by Sky News confirms her belief her son was unconscious when he plunged to his death after visiting singer Pete Doherty.

Despite a murder confession and an inquest - which ruled out suicide - it is still not known how Mark Blanco fell off a balcony in Whitechapel, east London, on December 3, 2006.

His mother, Sheila Blanco, is convinced foul play was involved.

She has now been given her son's medical files, which she claims show it was no ordinary fall.

"Mark had injuries mainly to the head, and I think he cannot possibly have gone over conscious," she told Sky News.

"Because he landed on his head, with no injuries at all to the limbs, so he couldn't have used any protective reflexes to protect his head, which is normal."

:: Mrs Blanco will be speaking to Sky News today, which you can watch live on Sky Player from 2.30pm.

Sheila Blanco says medical files show her son had no ordinary fall

The 30-year-old Cambridge graduate had gone to a flat, owned by Doherty's friend Paul Roundhill, after hearing the singer would be there.

Mr Blanco had wanted to invite the Libertines frontman to the opening night of a play he was about to appear in at a local pub.

The play, entitled The Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, is about a man who fell, or was thrown, from the fourth floor window of a Milan police station.

Six people, three men and three women, who were at the party in the flat claimed Mr Blanco was causing an annoyance.

Doherty's minder at the time, Jonathan Jeannevol - who goes by the name of Johnny Headlock - said the singer had asked him to get rid of Mr Blanco.

"We got him out the house and like he came back in again somehow and then Paul got him out," Mr Headlock said.

You know when I saw him lying on the ground and he had bruises all over him, it suggests that he didn't just fall from one floor of a balcony.

Naomi Stirk

"We left him outside. Left him for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, something like that.

"Then one of the girls went to get cigarettes or something for the others. And yeah she came out. We was all talking and stuff and she came back and said, 'Mark's had an accident'."

Two weeks later, on Christmas Eve 2006, Mr Headlock confessed to his murder. But he soon retracted it, saying it was a "thick" thing to do.

He said: "I phone the police and I just said to them, 'yeah I killed him'.

"I don't know why. Got in the cell and I was lying down and I was thinking 'Ah, somewhere to sleep at night'.

"Then I was lying down, I was thinking, 'Hold on man, I've opened a can of worms here' because it was just sort of dying down I think, and I thought 'No man'.

Emma Blanco On Her Brother's Death

"Then I just started knocking on the door and I said 'No, can you let me out man. I didn't really do it'."

Police sent him for a psychiatric assessement and he was subsequently released.

Two people have told Sky News Mr Headlock boasted about having killed Mark, but he has denied this.

Naomi Stirk was one of the six people at the flat.

She told Sky News: "He [Mr Headlock] was going around saying to a lot of people, you know, that he had done it, for a long time afterwards.

"When I saw him lying on the ground and he had bruises all over him, it suggests that he didn't just fall from one floor of a balcony."

Pete Doherty seen on CCTV running away

CCTV shows Pete Doherty running away after Mr Blanco's fall

Mrs Blanco says the various witness accounts do not add up.

"There were six people at that gathering that night, three men and three women. And they've all given varying statements.

"The police, after two investigations, have never really got to the bottom of what they know, and for some reason they don't seem to want to."

The Met Police has told Sky News they have carried out a thorough investigation, which is ongoing.

They said no clear evidence has indicated an assault or the involvement of a third party.

Mrs Blanco has compiled her own file of evidence, which was passed to the Attorney General and has now been given to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

She says she will not put a headstone on her son's grave until the case is resolved.
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