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Jason Dale Bolton Waiting 19 Years For Justice !

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Jason Dale Bolton Waiting 19 Years For Justice !  Empty Jason Dale Bolton Waiting 19 Years For Justice !

Post  milly Wed 12 Oct - 10:51

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on August 21, 2010 at 2:19 AM


Mja Inc Investigations


Jason Dale Bolton : 16 years old

Has Been Waiting 19 Years For Justice..

Accidental or Murdered

Bolton's Body was found in Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Became our 63rd case in : March 2007


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Inc offered our services to Jason Dale Bolton's Family,in March 2007..

Its our goal to help Jason & his Family seek some type of Justice..

We have shared some success concerning ColdCases..

First look at the Crime Scene & eyewitness statements..

They make everything look like that Jason was laying in the

road & a car ran him over..

Jason Dale Bolton : Murdered August 21, 1991

New Investigation Re-Opened Murder Cover-Up

In Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Their is Evidence that states Jason was killed after a party..

Then Jason Bolton's Death was made to look like an accident..


Published : 11-1-2006

Jason Dale Bolton's Family & many others,believe Jason was not only

murdered,but that his body was mutilated in other ways as well..

This coroners report shows this ever so clearly..

His killers also ran over him as well..

They were trying to make it look like an accident to the police.

There was not a comprehensive investigation by police...

Jason's Family did not know the details of his death

& the other things done to him...

They only found these things out through the Rights to Information Act

just recently...

His killers during the years being free went on to a LIFE OF CRIME..

They were also involved in crime before Jason's death but got away

with them for the most part...

Mja looked at case photo's & Police Reports & sketches concerning

Jason Dale Bolton..

Mja asked several people to study the Evidence--Photo's of Jason's

Body & give their opinion..

Many stated & reported that Jason's Death was staged to look like

an accident..Jason's injuries didnt support accidental death...



Jason Dale Bolton's Sister has been the driving force to keep

this case alive..Mja is trying to help in anyway we can..


Mja Inc Investigations

Press Release

Jason Dale Bolton was his death an accident or murder ?

Mja offered our services to Mr.Bolton's Family in late March 2007..

We hope that we can help Mr.Bolton & his Family seek some type of Justice..

Jason was found on 8-21-1991 laying in the road in Franklin/Fayette

Counties outside of Laurel Indiana..

At first look it appeared it was an accident with eyewitness accounts

that Jason had passed out in the middle of the road after leaving a

party walking..

Eyewitness accounts states people leaving the party in a car ran

over Jason as he laid in the road..

But if you carefully read the statements given its just not possible

that the events happened the way they claim..

As time passed,conflicting statements & people coming forward with

new Info forced Law Enforcement to Re-Open a New Investigation

into Jason's death..

Many ask : What Happen To The Jason Dale Bolton Investigation ???

But they havent shared what direction the investigation is taking..

Mja asked for several opinions concerning Mr.Boltons autopsy files

& photo's & many were in agreement that there is evidence of Homicide..

If it is a Homicide that means Mr.Bolton was killed at the party or

after the party & the Killers tried to cover-up the murder by making

it look like an accident...

Up to this time Mja has conducted interviews with some people that

might have Info concerning who claim the night Mr.Bolton died...

Our investigation into the case is on going & we are slowly putting

the facts together...We are looking to gain some more Info in the

coming months..


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Mja Inc--TK Stout--IN..


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