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Coleen's thinning on top

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Coleen's thinning on top Empty Coleen's thinning on top

Post  Panda on Tue 20 Dec - 0:38

Call 999 - we've got a hair emergency on our hands.

It doesn't take a genius to work out what Coleen Rooney has asked Santa for this Christmas.

A solution to her scalp problems must be top of the list.

Coleen's thinning on top Coleen-Rooney-1211-10Coleen RooneyColeen has followed the Wag trend for hair extensions pretty much ever since she popped onto the celeb scene eight years ago.

She's not averse to the odd dye job on her tresses, either.

But it looks as if the 25-year-old is paying the price now, as she's
been papped with a pretty noticeable patch of thinning hair.

Would we be going too far if we called it a bald patch?

Coleen's thinning on top Coleen-Rooney-511-11Col's shown off a fair few different styles over the yearsOf
course, we're just making a claim that the dodgy do has been caused by
Col's affection for extensions, as it's difficult to say for sure, but
long-term use of weaves is known to cause hair loss.


On the plus side, at least Coleen knows only too well that a hair transplant might be the answer. Hubby Wayne indulged in one earlier this year and looks all the better for it.

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