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Impoverished M.P's

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Post  katertaif Sun 7 Sep - 20:28

They are at it again. While the rest of us are sitting with either no increase in salary at all, in many cases an effective decrease. Others are forced in to zero hour contracts and yet others lose their jobs due to the influx of foreign workers; our alleged representatives are bleating again about how badly paid they are.

Perhaps in terms of actual cash they are not very high on the totem pole but when you add all the perks like us paying the interest on their second homes while they reap the profit. Their expense accounts and subsidised restaurants and bars. The furnishing of their homes etc. etc. plus they get extra if they can get on one or more fact finding missions; overseas for preference. They don't do too badly at all. These little extras are as good as cash.

Still if they are so convinced that they can get more in the wider world of commerce and industry then fine go and do it would be my advice. It does seem strange that many of our MP's and "wannabees" are ex lawyers and we all know that lawyers know how to charge. so why are they in politics at all if they want fat salaries?

It also seems strange that for every vacancy there are a number of candidates. Perhaps this claim of being able to get more outside the green leather benches is just that, an unsubstantiated claim. Never mind, I'm sure they will be able to keep the wolf from the door with creative expenses claims

They claim (at least many of them do) to be in politics to make a difference. No one expects them to starve but a little philanthropy is surely part of the reward as well as money. Certainly they periodically show that they are greedy and self serving.
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