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Missing Madeleine
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The striking snake

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Post  katertaif Sun 14 Sep - 12:15

Those murderous and sex crazed thugs calling themselves IS have beheaded yet another westerner, a Brit this time, an aid worker who was helping them. What does our resolute government do. they call a meeting of Cobra.

It conjures up visions of resolute steel hard men deciding on the best way to destroy these killers and rapists. There will be a reaction beyond anything IS could imagine or withstand. the striking snake will strike them down.

Instead of this for days now our government have been vacillating and wringing their hands; contradicting each other and more worried about who will be out of a job if Scotland votes Yes.

Nothing is off the table. it doesn't appear there is much on it either. these people must be stopped as must all of these terrorist organisations. they have to know that if they try it they will be in Paradise sooner than they think and no argument. The longer we leave it the harder it will be. I see Australia is prepared to act but Europe who are more infiltrated than anywhere else sit on their hands and call meetings of Committee Board room A. I'm sure all those poor girls and women forced to "please" these scum will be happy to know it.

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