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Pre election promises

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Pre election promises Empty Pre election promises

Post  katertaif Fri 3 Oct - 12:12

Cameron has shown beyond any doubt what the worth of a pre election pledge/promise is worth. If they win the next election outright they will (so he says) relegate the EHCR to an advisory body and replace their rulings with a British bill of human rights. The fly in the ointment being that is exactly what was promised in the run up to the last election. It didn't happen this parliamentary term, what makes Cameron think we can be conned into believing it will happen this time around.

I have the feeling that this is tied up with his famous in/out EU referendum. The bit that they do not tell us any more is that the referendum would take place after a successful renegotiation of terms of membership of the United States of Europe. Yet not so long ago Cameron stood beside Germany's Chancellor Merkel, when she made a speech clearly saying there would be no concessions to us at all.

So I wonder if with their usual duplicity, Cameron et all are gong to wrest control back from the ECHR, hail it as a great successful renegotiation, and offer us a referendum, with a promise of more to follow. Nothing surprises me any more. Just when we think they can sink no lower, they do.
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