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Post  katertaif on Wed 13 May - 17:20

Theresa May is as per usual not being completely honest with us (quelle surprise) all this about economic migrants being sent back is just so much hot air, and she knows it. what amazes me is she thinks we don't. Leaving the heart breaking news to one side. Once they have actually reached Britain by whatever means, more often than not without papers, it is virtually impossible to return them.

It's all very well them saying they are for the sake of discussion Afghanis, but Afghanistan wants proof that they are citizens of Afghanistan before they will accept them. this can take months and even years, which is one of the main reasons these poor people are held in secure camps for so long.

The answer must and can only be stopping the source in Libya. That may involve military action, I don't know, but on the one hand, Britain and Europe simply cannot go on absorbing these numbers - we are talking about tens of thousands per month almost. On the other hand, we cannot simply send them back, and Theresa May knows it. There is I believe no third alternative. We cannot go on watching these hapless people suffering and dying. to do so makes us as callous as the traffickers
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