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Post  katertaif on Sat 6 Jun - 0:12

The latest recommendation by IPSA for a 10% pay rise is an insult to the hard working families all sides keep harping on about. Slightly complicated by the announcements that they will give their increase to charity those MP's doing so impress me very little in fact not at all. My bet is that at the end of the day,, they will take their money, and put it in their own sky rockets.

It is an fact an insult to the hard working families they claim to represent. An increase in salary borne out of nothing more than they have to be more creative in their expenses claims. It isn't bad enough that we have to buy their houses for them, and pay the rents. Furnishing their homes with the latest gadgets is nothing more than their due right. While the rest of us are having to make do with a 1% or 2% increase (if that) and our savings attract less than peanuts in the bank. while cuts are being made in disability benefits, they award themselves a 10% increase. yes I know IPSA is supposed to be an independent body,you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.. the newly elected government are holding back on the British bill of human rights at the same time fighting a losing battle getting any changes in the EU. but a 10% increase in salary is much more important.

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