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What does he future hold?

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What does he future hold? Empty What does he future hold?

Post  katertaif Fri 22 Jan - 22:44

I subscribe, as I believe a number of others on this forum do as well, to a well respected publication, "The Gatestone Institute"

Recently they published an article on IS activities in Libya. Apart from expanding their power base, and their peculiar interpretations of the Qu'ran and the Hadiths.

Gatestone believe that IS will use Libya as a springboard to sow terrorism and force to wrest control away from Christian dominated Al Andalus in Spain. Remember they don't care how many are killed and maimed. Muslims are immediately made martyrs, while hell fire awaits us infidels.

When I mooted this possibility some months ago, I was hooted down, and openly told I was mad. If so, I am now in good company. Of course the Spanish security forces are not going to sit twiddling their thumbs. I don't believe I ever suggested they would. It could trigger off a bloody conflict, and one we are not guaranteed to win. Especially if there was any sort of oil embargo.

The situation is getting out of hand as it is with a respected Musllm cleric in France calling for 2,200 Mosques to be built I the next two years, and empty churches to be converted. Quite what can be done about the thousands of immigrants arriving daily, winter or no winter I only wish I knew. I assume that is why this cleric wants the extra mosques.

Of course most countries have passed legislation that effectively muzzles any free and frank discussion. I suspect the vast majority of Muslims who only want to live their lives in peace, are getting worried. The terrorists and would be terrorists seem to have no trouble speaking out. We have seen from the bloody civil war in Syria, that neither side is at all concerned with killing and maiming their own kind. This is the benevolent rule of the present incumbent Assad, while those who would be king to coin a phrase are equally unheeding of the suffering of starving children. Fortunately I'm not brave enough to cause such misery among women and children.

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