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Obama the lame duck

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Post  katertaif on Sun 24 Apr - 19:26

They have been calling Obama the lame duck President since his inauguration. It is difficult to think of him any other way. He pledged to close down Guantanamo Bay. Failed, except strangely enough for a couple of British detainees there. All of whom sued the British government, not the US government as the principal, and at least one that I am aware of went back to Syria to fight with terrorists.

He turned his attention to gun control, and got soundly spanked by the NRA. I don't say his ultimate aim wasn't good, but with so many weapons already in private hands, his approach was wrong. Health care, and education reform all went the same way, and the recent shambles of his so called deal with Iran seems almost designed to arm them.

He has turned his back on Israel, and told us in no uncertain terms what he thinks of us. Boris Johnson said the other day that POTUS' Kenyan roots might have a bearing, and in an interview today, he seemed to confirm that when he mentioned cultural differences in terms of what used to be called the special relationship. Apart from the business of Winston Churchill's bust He actually said, don't expect us to come and get you out again. That is why he is telling us to stay in Europe, not for trade. He has no say, and win lose or draw I would have been far better to keep his nose out. of something of no concern of his. Lame duck in his own country, scarcely a check on Iran's nuclear ambitions after months of so called negotiation. even Iran boasted that he had left the door wide open. He is in the last months of his presidency, and should be making the most of it at on domestic policies.
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