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October 2015

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to The Missing Madeleine Forum. I would like The Missing Madeleine forum to be a friendly and welcoming place to all who manage to get here.

In order for this to happen I need to set out a few rules as a starting point.

1. Please do not spam the boards. Spam includes linking to other websites for personal gain, writing posts that are unwarranted or contain items that are unrelated to the original post. If you have something to say that is not related to the topic in hand please start another thread.

2. Racism or anything related will not be tolerated on this forum. This includes any jokes related to a particular race.  

3. No links to other forums are to be posted without consent from Admin.

4. Targeting other members in an aggressive or malicious manner will not be tolerated. If any member is found to be breaching any of these rules, their membership will be revoked and their ip address will be logged. If any member thinks any of the above is happening please PM Admin.

5.  Members who come in and continuously lurk without posting any comments will be monitored closely.  If they continue to lurk then they will be banned unless another member has recommended them and know who they are.  I apologise for having to take this action but due to a few nasty guests who find it necessary to come into the forum to take comments and private information and post them on other forums for ridicule I am sure you will understand that I am taking this action for the good of all the trusted members already here.

Thanks and please note - Admin reserve the right to update or change these rules as required.

How is 'dining 50m away' different from Facebooking 10m away?

Fri 9 Oct - 22:16 by Wintabells


This woman has been sent to jail for neglecting her child who drowned in the ornamental pond in her back garden while she was in the house on …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 11

Brits raise thousands for Maddie cop's libel appeal

Thu 7 May - 10:35 by chrissie

Thanks to Kazlux at MCF

Algarve Resident, 6 may 2015, paper edition.
Natasha Donn natasha.donn@algarveresident.com

After what many consider the bombshell of a judicial decision - setting record …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 128

Anther case for those unreliable dogs!

Sat 10 Oct - 14:00 by AnnaEsse

However, the police are not believing the parents, whose stories keep changing and are willing to accept the evidence of a cadaver dog who alerted in the family home. Nine week old baby missing. …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 2

Online intrigue as McCanns close Twitter page and Amaral's fund "goes missing" - Portugal Resident

Tue 6 Oct - 20:27 by interested

Appropriate article from the Portugal Resident - www.portugalresident.com

Comments: 4

McCann fury as new libel cop case begins - Daily Star

Mon 5 Oct - 16:00 by interested

"INTERNET trolls are backing a court challenge to Madeleine McCann's parents" from the article by Jerry Lawton.

Thanks Jerry Lawton, the Defence Fund now stands at 49,562 pound and I expect when …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 3

Update on Sonia Poulton doco!

Mon 8 Jun - 18:37 by fred


Click Here!

In answer to the question: When can I see your Madeleine #McCann documentary?

I write this with some trepidation, knowing …

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Comments: 29

Ben Needham's Twitter Account Blocked By Official Find Madeleine Account

Sun 4 Oct - 17:15 by quickfingers

Comments: 5

Burglar killed in the Algarve...could he be... surely not

Mon 21 Sep - 17:53 by comperedna

A burglar has been accidentally killed by residents after he broke into a house in the Algarve. He was put in a neck hold by the son of the family whilst the police were phoned... NO! Surely …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 7

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