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RICHARD HALL RELEASE ...McCanns' Embedded Confessions - Statement Analysis

Sat 26 Nov - 10:50 by xtina

Comments: 11

20 year old Brit in Rome is NOT Madeleine...

Wed 23 Nov - 14:34 by malena stool

Comments: 5

American Elections - People saying efits are Hilary Clintons aides

Mon 7 Nov - 23:09 by cherry1

Twitter being going mad all day with this stuff

Post from Ben for info from facebook, we have had to delete a number of posts from the hideho controversy group, this is all over twitter - we have …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 7

"Maybe tomorrow we will find something to lead us back to Madeleine" - Kate McCann

Fri 4 Nov - 18:28 by interested

The Daily Mail has an article today covering a new charity campaign "Find Every Child" on behalf of Missing People. "Ms." McCann appeared at the launch of the campaign and indicated she didn't …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 8

Man responsible for hoax sightings of Madeleine is a McCann family friend.

Sat 5 Nov - 3:11 by MJH1901

Comments: 0


Thu 27 Oct - 13:31 by cherry1

Sadly looks like McCann Files may have gone from original site

Comments: 11


Thu 27 Oct - 13:33 by cherry1

Comments: 4


Fri 28 Oct - 18:17 by cherry1


How could he? This guy just made the sickest Madeleine McCann Halloween joke on …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 1

The Paedo Links and the Hatred - Cristobell Unbound

Tue 25 Oct - 18:24 by interested

This latest post (Oct. 25/16) "The Paedo Links and the Hatred" is worth reading IMO. I certainly agree that the McCanns have made their victim status their life's work. www.cristobell.blogspot.com

Comments: 1

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