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Post  Panda on Tue 25 Jan - 7:20

A Man has been arrested for smuggling 81 guns into Britain from America for sale to Criminals over a few months, only 21 have been recoverd. The
pistols could be sold for £5,000 each.

He regularly travelled to Manchester Airport from the U.S. was questioned once but persuaded the Security Guard that he was a Rep for a Security
Company and the Guns were inert.

The man is currently in Jail in the U.S. awaiting Trial but serious questions are being asked about Security in both Countries with all the Criminal
Elements, one gun was used in a raid.

Can you believe it, we have to go through so much Security routine at the Airports , even to having innocuous shampoo or suntan lotion impounded
if it exceeds a certain amount, have the indignity of having to remove shoes, belts etc yet this guy can regularly travel back and forth with ACTUAL
GUNS and get away with it........words fail me.!!!!

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Post  malena stool on Tue 25 Jan - 18:42

I remember reading a couple of years back that HM Customs and Excise were using privare security firms to guard bonded warehouses,,,It was found that many of these guards were illegal immigrants working for less than the minimum wage.

What a wonderful state of affairs when the Nation's security is left to private enterptise and done on the cheap...

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