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Post  maxinlein on Wed 15 Jun - 11:23

On the 7th May 2001, Peggy, then aged 9, was on her way home from school. She lived in a small town called Lichtenberg, in Bavaria. Since her mother worked, she either went to friends in the afternoons, or let herself into her home with a key. On this day, she apparently never arrived home or at friends. A search was immediately put into action, with no results. During the searches, the police went through around 4500 traces, and still no results.

In February 2002, a 7-man team of investigators was strengthened, and the case was reviewed.

A suspect, ULVI KULAC, was questioned, and a series of tests were done on his clothing, but still no results. Ulvi, 24 years old, was suspected as he had abused a 7 year old boy in 2000, and after investigating, it was later found out that he had abused up to 20 boys since 1996.

To add to the suspicion, Ulvi was braindamaged due to having had a brain infection as a 3 year old, and his development was that of a 10-12 year old!!

In October 2002, he was questioned again,when he confessed to having raped Peggy on the 3rd May 2001, just 4 days before she disappeared. He also confessed to having waited for her on her school route on the 7th May, to tell her he was sorry. Peggy apparently told him she would tell the police, and ran away from him, but Ulvi caught up with her, held her nose and mouth closed, until she stopped breathing.

A telephone call Ulvi had made to his father, had been listened to, where he had tried to put some of the blame on his father, in the way that, his father had apparently helped in getting rid of the body. This however, did not stand up in court, as family cannot testify, it is not prohibited in Germany.

Ulvi Kulac was sentenced to life in prison, but a revision was done, as he later took back his confession that he killed Peggy. He did stay with the confession that he had raped her 4 days before.

He was placed in a psychiatric clinic within the prison.

Peggy alive nor her body has been found to this day...

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