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Balconing is back on the Baleares

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Balconing is back on the Baleares

Post  mara thon on Sat 13 Aug - 11:04


As the high tourist season continues, two young foreigners have been seriously injured in three days, after falling from their hotel balconies.
Image - You Tube

The craze of people putting videos of their jumps from balconies into swimming pools often carried out in a drunken state, can result in serious injury or death.

On Friday a 35 year old Swedish man was seriously injured when he fell from his second floor balcony at the Comodoro Hotel on Magaluf Playa, in Calviā, Mallorca. Reports say he landed on the roof of the hotel dining room.

On Monday, also in Calviā, a 19 year old Briton was seriously injured after falling from the seventh floor of the Torrenueva Hotel.

The craze continues despite the authorities trying to warn of the dangers of such action, and of many hotels increasing the height of their balcony verandas.

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