Missing Madeleine
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Hope the 'review' covers this little slip-up.

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Hope the 'review' covers this little slip-up.

Post  Wintabells on Fri 9 Dec - 20:35


'If Madeleine hadn't been abducted....if Madeleine hadn't been abducted, we'd never have thought about that comment again'. (2.00)

Apart from on the night of May 3rd, of course, Kate, when you discussed it with Fiona....

“I thought that was Wednesday night. You see, I mean, I only knew about that because on Thursday night Kate had said, erm, as we were chatting at the table ‘Oh’, you know, ‘I wonder’, you know, ‘what’, ‘what she cried about’ or, you know, she’d asked Madeleine, erm, because I think Madeleine had said something ‘Where were you mummy, me and Sean cried’ and, you know, ‘where were you’ and that had obviously worried Kate and she couldn’t get anything more out of Madeleine, Madeleine had sort of moved on and, you know, didn’t say anything more than that and wouldn’t say, you know, whether she’d heard anything or been woken up or whether she had just woken up herself” (FP's rogatory interview, part 2)

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