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Puzzle Pieces and Looking Past the Agendas to See the Big Picture!

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Puzzle Pieces and Looking Past the Agendas to See the Big Picture!

Post  HiDeHo on Wed 1 Feb - 14:36

I came across this post I made in 3A's 4 years ago (I save everything...lol) and was going to add it to the 'neglect' thread, but as 'puzzle pieces' seem to be in the discussions now I felt it could warrant a separate thread. I hope you agree.

HiDeHo post in 3A's in 2008

This case became enormous from the start.

The parents created the abduction theory while suspicions about their involvement began materialising as 'leaks' indicating discrepancies began to emerge.

For more than a year there has been a clear division between those that believed in abduction and those that suspected their guilt in her disappearance.

Middle ground was covered by those that considered neglect.

On the one hand, neglect could have caused Maddie's demise the theory of which the Mc's were willing to tolerate as it created a smokescreen for the truth and could be used as a means of confirming abduction. On the other hand it served the purpose of deflecting accusations about their 'guilt' of involvement in her disappearance..

Neglect was an acceptable trade-off, although it indicated some guilt, it paved the way for the 'abduction' theory.

It also maintained the focus of the night of May 3 to be about the timeline and whether they checked the children often enough therefore highlighting neglect.

According to the dogs, Maddie was not in the apartment that night...

They hadn't left 3 children alone in the apartment that night.

One can see how they must have been happy to have everyone discuss the 'neglect' issue as it successfully deflected from the truth about them staging the abduction.

Apart from an almost impossible window of opportunity, considering the two hours it takes for a body to emit the scent detectable by the cadaver dogs to have happened in the short time period of a little more than an hour after they left the apartment, then logic tells us that Maddie was already dead and that evening was never about neglect.

The middle ground, of neglect, (for May 3rd) only exists in the minds of those that don't believe in the dogs, or who believe that the scent could have been emited within that short hour they were at the tapas.

The abduction theory has no facts to sustain it's credibility.

This only leaves the probability of the Mc's involvement in the disappearance and hiding Maddie's body.

It seems so clear and yet there seems to be a 'force' at work disrupting logical thinking.

I have viewed the case visually, likening it to a 'puzzle'.

As each 'fact' emerged a new piece of the puzzle could be added to the big picture...

Occasionally some of the pieces fitted together, sometimes pieces that did not belong were thrown in and some pieces looked like they may fit but needed time to confirm if they were correct.

With the release of the files along with Amaral's book, it appears that the majority of the pieces were, in fact, correct and with all those pieces on the table...whether they have been fitted together or not, it is possible to have an idea as to what the resulting picture will look like.

If all the pieces appear to be parts of trees, then it is predictable that the final picture will be of a forest.

If someone throws in a few pieces that show sky or grass, it is still possible they could be part of the picture.

As I see it.....Some pieces that have been added are (for example) pink and have no relation whatsoever to the final picture of a forest and yet some people seem to have been urged to believe that these pink pieces will fit into the final picture, which, to me, defies logic..

What seems to be happening is, that by the power of suggestion, those that haven't seen the majority of puzzle pieces, but are being shown a few pink pieces, are being told the final picture is that of (for example) the Pink Panther and they, understandably, believe it.

What defies logic is the ones that have seen all the green 'tree' pieces still believe the picture to be of the Pink Panther!

Are they blind or do they have a reason for marketing the puzzle as that of the Pink Panther?

The King's new clothes?....

The only way to market a puzzle picture of the Pink Panther, when all the pieces are green is by not allowing people to open the box to see what's inside.

It seems to me that has, until now at least, been achieved.....

Leaving the box intact maintains the illusion of the contents and ultimately the success of the 'product'.

Whats the best way to stop people opening the box?

Stop marketing entirely, hoping they will forget about it? (The silent technique?)

Encourage them to 'blindly trust' that they will benefit by not opening the box. (reliant upon those that cannot admit to bad judgement and creating a denial opportunity for them to hide behind?)

Discourage them from opening it with suggestions it could lose value and their investment would be at risk? (threats to 'sue' if exposed to others?)

I believe the day will come when enough people open the box and start to tackle the puzzle, realising its not what they were led to believe...

This could be instigated by exposure to Amaral's book and, hopefully, new evidence in the case that is irrefutable and exposed by the press....

Once the box is opened the title of the puzzle will confirm it is a forest.

Although those that marketed the puzzle incorrectly may have done so initially, with a true belief that the contents would create a pink picture, their credibility would now be questioned so they have no choice but to continue to market the product falsely, at whatever the expense.

The product is secondary to their cause....Their ego takes over and the single most important thing to them personally is to hold on to their credibility no matter how much it costs!

Maybe that is why Brian Kennedy is so 'generous' with his offer of funding the Mc's.

It's no longer about them....He cannot afford to face the consequences of being wrong....

His fortune may have been amassed, reliant upon his credibility.

Forget what he would GAIN from supporting the Mc's...Maybe its all about what he would LOSE if he didn't!

The puzzle is being marketed falsely to not only protect everyone from seeing the true picture but also to protect the people that risk losing their reputation, requiring them to continue to justify their bad judgement at whatever the cost in order to also protect their egos.

Each person involved have their own agenda to protect themselves, which is possibly why it is so difficult to establish only one motivation.

The Mc's need to hide the truth....

The lawyers are not interested in the truth...their job is to defend.

The 'backers' cannot afford to admit bad judgement, which would ruin their reputation.

The family has a responsibility to protect their 'own'.

The government, maybe brought into it by default, are not afforded the privilege of an 'Ooops....We were wrong!' without suffering major consequences and repercussions.

The Tapas 7 have managed to maintain relatively minimal exposure and maybe prefer to not 'rock the boat'.

Mark Warner cannot afford more negative publicity.

British Media outlets choose to have patience to wait for the day they will not have to fear negative publicity created with threats to sue, until all the 'facts' are in place and articles can be widely accepted by the British public.

Is it in their best interest to try to change public opinion ? For now, maybe they benefit more from articles depicting what everyone wants to hear.

PR agenda has always appeared to be ego based in my opinion.

Each one of the above has 'skeletons in their closet' and to be responsible for challenging the current perception of the British public could be interpreted as an insult to people's intelligence initiating retalliation in the form of scrutiny which could ultimately lead to their 'skeletons' being exposed!

Maybe each of the 'motive' theories have an element of truth to them and by protecting the Mc's they are indirectly protecting themselves.

The Mc's, their advisors and research team probably have knowledge of those skeletons and are comfortable in their position of holding the 'ace' card....until someone with courage disrupts their 'world' at whatever the cost to their reputation.

Someone, maybe, whos reputation has already been 'damaged'?

They couldn't have predicted that their effort to discredit the PJ would come back to bite them.... in the form of Goncalo Amaral.

They maybe never predicted that their attack on Portugal and its laws would help create a need to expose their lies in the Portuguese press with people like Paulo Reis gaining momentum, to be a thorn in their sides.

Some people can't be bought and, thankfully, those people are on the 'side' of truth!

Those people with courage will expose the puzzle pieces one by one until the final picture cannot be disputed and the British public will realise that the 'pink' pieces were a figment of imagination created for personal agenda.

No-one likes to be made a fool of and I sense the Mc's will be facing a very angry public when they finally see the 'forest' (truth) picture in its entirety!

To deny her the truth of her demise to protect one's ego is a disrespect to her memory.

Madeleine deserves more...

It may take time but once assembled the puzzle becomes a picture...

The picture is the TRUTH and, whatever the consequenses for those that attempted to mislead everyone, the TRUTH will be be known

The TRUTH is what Madeleine deserves.
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Re: Puzzle Pieces and Looking Past the Agendas to See the Big Picture!

Post  Autumn on Wed 1 Feb - 16:04

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Re: Puzzle Pieces and Looking Past the Agendas to See the Big Picture!

Post  jd16 on Wed 1 Feb - 16:06

Excellent post HideHo.....You do write terrific and well balanced postings. One word you used which is most important I think....logic

When you apply logic the green pieces fit together and make sense. I don't think you can go far wrong when you use logic
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Re: Puzzle Pieces and Looking Past the Agendas to See the Big Picture!

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