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Parked cars

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Parked cars

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The invisibile Jane

Inspired by Pat Brown's visit to Praia da Luz and the subsequent renewed discussion about the Tanner sighting I revisited my photo selection and some statements from the files again. The core mystery and the only "evidence" for an abduction still remains Jane Tanner's statement of when she encountered eggman aka the abductor.

Her statement again:

Questioned about the path she took on the way to her home, she relates that she left the reception at the entrance to the Tapas/pool area and went up the pavement to the corner, having entered the apartment by the front door, which was, as already stated, locked.

Then we have the statement by Arlindo Epifanio Goncalves Fernandes Peleja, the executive chef at the Ocean's Club regarding that evening:

When he arrived there, by vehicle, at around 21:10, he remembers that next to the Tapas reception, he saw a
vehicle, dark blue in colour, with Portuguese license plates. Although he cannot be definite, he believes it was
a Fiesta or Focus.....After parking his vehicle, he entered through the reception of that restaurant.....

So shortly before Jane saw the abductor, we have 2 cars parked in that road. This is confirmed by the statement of Stephen Carpenter who left the Tapas Bar around the time of the sighting:

Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine we left the Tapas bar to go home.... When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time
to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I****. They
were about six metres away from me and i calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back
of Gerry’s apartment
At 22:00 an employee of the Ocean Club left the carpark of Block 6 and saw only one car left on that road:
After leaving Block 6, they turned right and after left, passing in front of the block occupied by the McCanns. She states that she saw no movement of people, and that in the immediate areas of the blocks she saw no vehicle with the exception of a small car, that appeared to her grey in colour, parked close to the window of the McCann apartment;

So at the time of Jane's vision at 21:15 there would have been one car parked under the McCann's kitchen window and another car closer to the Tapas entrance. Assuming these cars did not park on the curb - which would make Jane's path even narrower - this would roughly be the situation Jane faced after having turned left at the exit of the Tapas Bar:

Is there ANY chance BOTH men would have failed to notice the woman flip-flopping past them on the pavement?

Why did she nor Gerry mention the cars? They could have been used to explain why the men had not seen her had she claimed to have used the other side of the road. But since she did such an exact drawing in her first statement of the way she walked up to the crossing there was no chance to use these cars to their advantage. So it was better not to mention them at all, since even the visually impaired would see that she must have been invisible to pass them. The cars narrow down the path she could have taken and make it impossible not to notice her.

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