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I Believe We Can Make A Difference via Twitter/Facebook!

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Re: I Believe We Can Make A Difference via Twitter/Facebook!

Post  Loopdaloop on Fri 27 Apr - 21:25

HiDeHo wrote:I have been shocked by the sudden influx of views on my videos.

10 days ago I was at 80,000 views after a year of producing the videos. Not bad I thought.

I now have more than 70 videos...the majority telling a 'story' about the case, some uploads of comments, interviews and documentaries and a couple of indirectly related TV Movies (Small Sacrifices and Perfect Murder, Perfect Town..JonBenet)


Many of the videos, as you know, are around 10 mins in length, designed to give as much info about the topic and handy to use as reference...but with as much impact as I could manage. Those videos take me about 50-70 hrs to produce with research, compilation, converting and going through hours of other videos to find the 'clip' that I want.

However, I have just started doing 'McMinute' videos giving a quick way of getting the 'info' out there, whether by direct uploads of specific clips or different topics that I have compiled a few details together.

My aim is to be 'our' voice.

It is so frustrating to see comments about the case that we cannot respond to....With videos we can!

As mentioned, the videos are now being watched....5,000 per day now and another 2,000 just while I was asleep last night!

Wednesday evening I was at 89,995....Its now Friday morning 7.00am and the views stand at 96,959...nearly 7,000 in 36 hrs!

Although I recognise this is a time when Madeleine's name is popular, if we can somehow keep the momentum of 5,000 a day (or even less) that would be 35,000 views a week 140,000 a month with most of my videos showing the cadaver dogs and forensic photos (important considering the text from the files may have been minimised by certain comments)

I am willing to start producing as many new 'McMinute' videos as I can so that anyone who has a Twitter account can send them or retweet mine. All you need is an account and the ability to click on 'retweet'

@ HiDeHo3 https://twitter.com/#!/HiDeHo3

I am not good at Twitter...I only use it to send my videos

What do you think? Remember Twitter worked for The Telegraph and Trafigura!


Trafigura and Carter-Ruck end attempt to gag press freedom after Twitter uprising

An attempt by the oil firm Trafigura to prevent the British press from reporting on the activities of parliament has been abandoned, after an uprising by users of Twitter.

I'm not saying we can achieve that.. but I believe we CAN make a difference!

My newest 'McMinute' (just an upload)

McMinute: Martin Brunt 'Full DNA Match' in McCann's Hire Car

For Twitter:
McMinute: Martin Brunt 'Full DNA Match' in McCann's Hire Car

HiDeHo Facebook

HiDeHo Twitter
@ HiDeHo3 https://twitter.com/#!/HiDeHo3

Thanks to everyone who have been tweeting my videos!

Really really really good!! nice work! Don't forget to put some sort of advertisement on your youtube videos as you can get a reasonable return on those sorts of hits.
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Re: I Believe We Can Make A Difference via Twitter/Facebook!

Post  ELI on Fri 27 Apr - 21:46

HiDeHo wrote:Thanks fedrules...I am also looking for those little 'messages' to add to the videos...used the 'murder detectives' quote in the video I am just about to upload...

Any other suggestion would help for future videos...

How about this;

In order for an analyst to ‘match’ an evidentiary sample to a particular persons profile sample that person’s unique identifying genetic markers / components have to be present in that sample and correspond with the profile sample.

From the FSS Report ~ “ Departing from the principle that ALL confirmed DNA components within the scope of this result originated from a single source, then these pointed to corresponding components in the profile of Madeleine McCann “
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