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VIDEO Reminders: McCanns V Media - May 3 2008 and more

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VIDEO Reminders: McCanns V Media - May 3 2008 and more

Post  HiDeHo on Tue 21 Aug - 11:46

While it's quiet I felt it may be an opportunity to repost some of my earlier videos that have not been widely viewed but stil of interest (imo)

McCanns V Media - Al Jazeera DOCUMENTARY - May 3 2008 (536 views)

Did Madeleine McCann Die in the Apartment? 622 views

When I first started creating the videos, they were restricted from view in many places including Portugal if I used the 'original' songs.

Scott Greenwell (ex USAF) (in the above video) was kind enough to help me with cover versions of songs. He is great and I would love to see him get the credit he deserves...

I love his rendition of Only the Lonely....his 'first take'. He is so modest about his talent and I love the fact that his 'nan' often posts on his videos

Thanks for helping me with the Madeleine videos Scott.

Scott Greenwell - Only the Lonely (cover)

MCMINUTES: Impossible 3 min Window of Opportunity for Madeleine's 'Abduction'!

No Evidence of Abduction (Part 1 of 2) (Before I could upload more than 15 mins)

No Evidence of Abduction! - McCanns (2 of 2)

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