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A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

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A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

Post  Guest on Mon 29 Dec - 20:24

I have been trying to follow the case against Goncalo Amaral and his fellow detectives in Faro, which has been running since October and has now been mysteriously adjourned until mid-January.

One thing I've been trying to track is the lies and contradictions told by Leonor Cipriano in Court. I invite correction if I've got anything wrong or missed anything out.

I'm up to sixteen so far:

16 Lies in Court by Leonor Cipriano

(a) First, she said that she had seen who had assaulted her, but later she denied this.

(b) Second, she said that there was a blue plastic bag over her head, but soon afterwards she changed this to saying it was ‘green or blue’.

(c) Third, during the investigation into her allegation, she said that she had been assaulted ‘more than once’, but now, during the trial, she stated it that it happened only once.

(d) Fourth, she said she knew the time of the beating - around 8.00pm - because she had looked at the clock in the room where she had been beaten. However, during the trial, she was asked to describe the room and did so without referring to any clock.

(e) Fifth, despite having made a full confession before being convicted in 2005, she told the Court: “I don’t remember having confessed”, she told the court.

(f) Sixth, no confession is admissible in court in Portugal unless the defendant repeats it in open court. Leonor Cipriano did repeat her confession during her trial in 2005. That makes it all the more strange that she changed her mind two years later, saying she didn’t remember having confessed?

(g) Seventh, Leonor Cipriano originally said she had been beaten by PJ inspectors, but when asked to pick them out of a line-up, she could not. She then changed her story to say that the PJ inspectors ‘must have arranged for another person or persons unknown to come into the police station and beat her’.

(h) Eighth, she then changed her mind once again again to say she was beaten by the PJ – claimed she cannot identify them because a bag was placed over her head during the beating.

(i) Ninth, Leonor Cipriano had never previously alleged that Goncalo Amaral had personally laid a hand on her until the Court hearing in Faro. Yet, in the Faro court, Leonor Cipriano changed her story once again and now said that Goncalo Amaral hit her during the beating.

(j) Tenth, in her original statement, Leonor Cipriano said she knew the time the assaults on her took place because there was a clock on the wall in the room, and that it was approximately from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Yet three of the named PJ inspectors accused of beating her were not even in the building at that time; they did not sign into the police station until 8.00 pm on the day in question.

(k) Eleventh, Leonor Cipriano at one point said that during the beating she was forced to kneel on broken glass. But there appears to be no record of damage to her knees or legs that would be consistent with such a serious incident.

(l) Twelfth, when originally asked by the Prison Governor at Odemira Prison to explain her injuries, Leonor Cipriano did not implicate anyone in the police.

(m) Thirteenth, during the trial a senior prison officer was told by the Director of the Prison where Leonor Cipriano was held (Odemira Prison), to change medical evidence The Prison Director is now uhnder ibnvestgation by the Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs for having tried to manufacture evidence against the detectives.

(n) Fourteenth, when Ms Cipriano was asked in Court to give the names of the people she was accusing, Leonor Cipriano had to pull a piece of paper out of her purse. One would think that four years after she claimed to have been beaten, she would have had plenty of time to learn their names.

(o) Fifteenth, it is clear from the evidence that the beating of Leonor Cipriano (which there was) took place during the 48 hours after she confessed to murdering her daughter. This is consistent with the reliable reports circulating that Leonor Cipriano was assaulted by fellow prisoners information only after confessing to her crime.

(p) Sixteeenth, she denied that she ever had a female lawyer. However, she did have a female lawyer present when she made her original confession.


The testimony of this serial liar and murderess of her own daughter is why Goncalo Amaral has been on trial for nearly 3 months!


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Re: A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

Post  Susan on Mon 29 Dec - 20:28


I just knew you were busy doing something like this!!

Do you ever stop at trying to get to the truth?? But dont worry if the better half divorces you...you can use my study 24/7 for free and Greg can cook your food for you everynight haha


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Re: A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

Post  Guest on Mon 29 Dec - 21:31

Its odd that so much is made out of G Amaral and this beating when Portugal is ranked 7th in the Global Peace Index 2008 compared to UK that are ranked 49th.


I think there's no greater testimony of the commitment that the portuguese police has on this type of case than the torturing of her to get her to confess to her horrible crime.
And as clearly there is a large number of people out there that believe that everything must stop so we can find Madeleine, these so called violent police officers might just be the people to do it lol

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Re: A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

Post  Guest on Sun 4 Jan - 11:15

This woman is totally mad

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Re: A Summary of Leonor Cipriano's 16 lies in court

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