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Heathrow Plan Backed as "Boris Island" Reheccted

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Heathrow Plan Backed as "Boris Island" Reheccted

Post  Panda on Fri 10 May - 9:07

Heathrow Plan Backed As 'Boris Island' Rejected

A group of MPs want Heathrow expanded and Boris Johnson's
plans for a Thames Estuary airport scrapped.

5:36am UK,
Friday 10 May 2013

Video: Heathrow is said to have been
short of capacity for 'a decade'

  • The 'Boris Island' Thames Estuary airport plan has been labelled
    "unacceptable" in a report by MPs - who say Heathrow should be expanded

    Members of the House of Commons Transport Committee said a
    new hub airport east of London - favoured by London Mayor Boris Johnson - would
    be too expensive and could harm wildlife.

    Their report instead backed an extra, third, runway at Heathrow - while also
    suggesting a fourth runway may have merit if the two new runways were located
    west of the current site.

    The committee went on to dismiss the third option under consideration, saying
    that adding new runways to expand other existing airports was not a long-term
    solution to the hub airport capacity problem.

    But the report did urge the operators of Gatwick to develop a robust business
    case for their vision of a second runway at the West Sussex airport.
    A longstanding campaign has been fought to
    prevent a third Heathrow runway

    It also called on the Government to establish a national scheme to ensure
    adequate compensation for people affected by noise from expansion at

    Launching the report, committee chairwoman Louise Ellman said: "Aviation is
    vital to our economy and it is essential for the UK to maintain its status with
    an international aviation hub offering connectivity to a wide range of
    destinations across the globe.

    "We looked closely at the three main options by which the UK could increase
    its hub airport capacity. Research we commissioned made plain that building an
    entirely new hub airport east of London could not be done without huge public
    investment in new ground transport infrastructure.

    "Evidence to our inquiry also showed a substantial potential impact on
    wildlife habitat in the Thames Estuary.

    "The viability of an estuary hub airport would also require the closure of
    Heathrow - a course of action that would have unacceptable consequences for
    individuals, businesses in the vicinity of the existing airport and the local

    "Heathrow - the UK's only hub airport - has been short of capacity for a
    decade and is currently operating at full capacity.

    "We conclude that a third runway at Heathrow is necessary, but also suggest
    that a four-runway proposal may have merit, especially if expanding to locate
    two new runways westwards from the current site could curb the noise experienced
    by people affected under the flight path."

    The report said: "The current situation is unsustainable. A two-runway hub
    airport (Heathrow) is not adequate for the needs of the UK. We have considered
    the options put to us and on the basis of the evidence we have heard we
    recommend that the Government allow Heathrow to expand."

    This is the worst decision this Committee could have come to......was there anybody on it who was competent enough to explain what the outcome would be to have a 3rd runway at Heathrow?. The destruction of whole villages, , the noise level for those living near Heathrow is already intolerable
    I am quite well travelled and hate Heathrow Airport with a vengeance , it is impossible to find your way around , the last time I was there I went to the "Ladies" and only 1 of the 10 toilets was flushing. I saw a Cleaner with her cart and told her, she was Foreign and said it was nothing to do with her. I admit I raised my voice to her and told her to find a Supervisor and report the matter.
    Stanstead could be increased , its not that far removed from the City, Gatwick too has capacity .
    Alright.maybe initially Boris Island would have cost more, and maybe the wildfife affected but these birds would have found other habitats.
    Let's hope the protesters living in villages affected by the proposed new runway and the people living in Heathrow march in protest until the decision is reversed. Don't let Politics sway their judgement.
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