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Peter R de Vries - Crime Reporter Dutch TV

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Peter R de Vries - Crime Reporter Dutch TV

Post  Karen on Fri 18 Oct - 8:19


Explaining about GA book - talking about the BBC Crimewatch, and Opsporing Verzocht - Peter is saying how huge this case is. He has read the Truth of the Lie, He finds the e-fit should not been taking seriously - the sketches do not look the same. Will try for full transcript later.

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Re: Peter R de Vries - Crime Reporter Dutch TV

Post  pennylane on Fri 18 Oct - 10:26

Sounds very interesting. áCan't wait to read more. Thank you Karen xx

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Re: Peter R de Vries - Crime Reporter Dutch TV

Post  Annabel on Fri 18 Oct - 11:03

This was already posted on another thread: http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/t24754p30-opsporing-verzocht-nederland-1-plus-wo-ist-madeleine-zdf#460035


Very interesting interview with Peter R. de Vries in Holland, Dutch most famous crime reporter: comments on Crimewatch, áspeaking of a possible hidden agenda of the program and "making wind". Thanks to Cuddlecat MCF:

He thinks there's a double agenda and that this show was made with another goal
There's an old trick called "making wind"
He then refers to the telephone analisys which were not mentioned
and he thinks the show was made so that some people would expose themselves through making phonecalls
before, during or after the show, in which they expose themselves (phonetaps)

Redwood played his part very well

He bases himself on Amaral's book in which JT's sighting was doubted from the early beginning
Too much of her statements didn't add up
and the second sighting of the Smith's was already seen as very important
It's a good book that also shows that it are the English that made some mistakes

The 2 efits are childish ridiculous, how can they expect that 6 years on someone can remember anything, looking at these efits which are totally different but 1 and the same person
It's ridiculous and can't be taken serious

Then the fragment with Kate
There's the suggenstion the parents could have anything to do with it
Think it's very strange shat someones first thought is abduction, it wouldn't come to his mind as the first possibillity
He also think it's strange that the window is mentioned as point of entry

The book mentioned that the blinds were only to be opened from the inside and that the only fingerprints found on the window were that of Kates, in a position that showed that she opened them

He doesn't want to say they are guilty but doesn't discount it
Statistics also show this
and he has seen better actors then they are

They probably found her and acted in panic, once set in motion, there was no way back

Then back to the Smith sighting
No mention in the show that Smith recognised GM when coming down of the airplane stairs holding his son
Smith is a doctor and highly credible
It all is in Amarals book but no word about it in the show, they must think we are fools and that noone in the world has read the book

The show was a trap for the abductor/parents

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Re: Peter R de Vries - Crime Reporter Dutch TV

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