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Girl (14) burned in tanning machine

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Girl (14) burned in tanning machine

Post  Guest on Thu 16 Jul - 1:22

14-year-old Kirsty McRae (inset) shows the burns she suffered at the unmanned tanning machine.

By Daniel Davies

Thursday July 09 2009

The mother of a teenage girl who was severely burned at an unmanned tanning salon will give evidence before an inquiry.

Kirsty McRae (14) was rushed to hospital with first-degree burns after spending 19 minutes on a coin-operated sunbed earlier in the day.


Her mother Jill, of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales, will appear before a special Welsh government committee, who are investigating the way sunbeds are regulated.

Committee chairman Darren Millar said: "There is mounting public concern that ever-younger children are regularly using sunbeds which have, in some cases, resulted in severe burns for some users.

"That's why we, as a committee, have decided to look at the issue and are going to hear evidence from the industry as well as those who use sunbeds.

"If we conclude that better regulation is needed, the committee may recommend that the Assembly gets the legal powers to make new laws to ensure the safety of sunbeds to users in Wales."

The committee is looking at the supervision of sunbeds, their use by children, coin-operated machines and the inspection of premises.

To date there are no regulations or age limits in Ireland on the use of sun beds.

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Re: Girl (14) burned in tanning machine

Post  lubelle on Thu 16 Jul - 10:21

These companies should stop being greedy!They should have attendants at these salons to monitor who and for how long people are using them.
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