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Boy Tortured By Brothers

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Boy Tortured By Brothers

Post  4timesanan on Thu 21 Jan - 21:48

i have just not been able to do more than skim the article in todays mail...it is so horryfing..on Jailhouse lawyers blog there is a good article on delinquent children and secure childrens centre's ..worth a read

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Re: Boy Tortured By Brothers

Post  Guest on Thu 21 Jan - 23:06

I'll Just Die Here - Boy Tortured By Brothers
6:56pm UK, Thursday January 21, 2010

Andy Jack, Sky News Online

An 11-year-old boy who was brutally attacked by two brothers in a wooded ravine told his nine-year-old fellow victim: "You go, and I'll just die here".
A court listening to an account of the two young boys' 90-minute ordeal at the hands of the brothers heard that the attackers stopped only because their arms ached.

The incident happened in Edlington, South Yorkshire, on April 4 last year, when the brothers were 10 and 11.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, described how, after the brothers left the scene, the younger boy knelt next to the other boy and asked him if he was OK.

The elder boy replied: "No. I can't see and I can't move my body... You go, and I'll just die here."

During a police interview, the younger of the two brothers was asked whether he had meant to kill the boys:
(The younger brother): No.
(Police): Why did you stop?
(YB): Erm, he kept screaming, so I stopped it.
(P): How were you feeling?
(YB): What, when I kept hitting him?
(P): Afterwards?
(YB): Tired .. my arms were hurting.
(P): If your arms hadn't been aching, would you have carried on?
(YB): Yeah.

The judge, Mr Justice Keith, heard that the victims were strangled, smashed with bricks, forced to eat nettles, stripped and forced to sexually abuse each other.

The elder boy was seriously injured when pieces of a ceramic sink were dropped on his head.

The brothers, who are now aged 11 and 12, have admitted causing their victims grievous bodily harm with intent.

They denied a more serious charge of attempted murder but the prosecution accepted their pleas and said there would be no trial.

Police at the scene of the attack

A three-day sentencing exercise is expected to conclude on Friday.

The victims - who are uncle and nephew - continue to suffer emotional trauma, including nightmares, the judge was told.

Mr Campbell said: "Both have made good physical recoveries, although the scarring (of both boys) and the hair loss (of the elder boy) will be permanent.

"In many ways, (the elder victim), who suffered the worst injuries, has recovered emotionally better than his younger nephew, who had taken on the burden of leaving him behind to seek assistance and then was too unwell to lead the search for his uncle."

Edlington is near Doncaster

At one point the hearing was stopped for 15 minutes after the younger defendant became distressed as details of violence by his father against them and his mother were detailed.

The court was told the brothers had to live in a "toxic household" and that intervention to change their behaviour had been "too little, too late".

Both brothers had been in trouble before for assault.

During proceedings, the court was shown a 20-minute video shot by police of the two locations where the boys were attacked.

The brothers sat quietly in court watching the video



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Re: Boy Tortured By Brothers

Post  Guest on Fri 22 Jan - 11:13

I remember this story, it was terrible!


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Re: Boy Tortured By Brothers

Post  AnnaEsse on Fri 22 Jan - 14:34

These boys were given an indeterminate sentence, to serve a minimum of five years. I think it should have been a longer minimum.


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Name Torture Brothers - James Bulger's Mum

Post  Guest on Mon 25 Jan - 8:55

7:11am UK, Monday January 25, 2010

Andy Jack, Sky News Online
The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger says the young brothers who sadistically tortured two other boys should be named.

Denise Fergus, whose two-year-old son was killed by two 10-year-olds in 1993, said the brothers' parents should also be identified to show "justice has been done".

The siblings - aged 10 and 11 at the time of their attack - were locked up last week for at least five years for torturing and sexually humiliating the nine-year-old and 11-year-old boys in Edlington, South Yorkshire.

Writing in The Sun, Ms Fergus said: "These two boys should be named - and so should their parents. Unless they are fully identified, how can people be satisfied that justice has been done?"

She added: "The parents in particular should be named and shamed. They bear a lot of the blame for what their sons did.

"If they are not named, it means they have got away with it and that is completely wrong."

The young victims were strangled, hit with bricks, made to eat nettles, stripped and forced to sexually abuse each other.

It emerged during the court case that the elder attacker watched ultra-violent movies as part of a home life of "routine aggression, violence and chaos".

He also watched the gruesome Saw movies when he was as young as 10, and was also familiar with the Chucky films as well as pornography DVDs.

Ms Fergus wrote: "Boys like this who are so evil by the age of 10 and 11 will never be changed into decent people.

"In the children's homes they will just learn how to play the system with the anonymity and protection that they will be given for life."

Social services and other organisations missed numerous opportunities to intervene with the perpetrators during their violent and chaotic upbringing, provoking widespread anger.

The Conservatives have urged the Government to publish the Serious Case Review (SCR) surrounding the matter in full so that lessons can be learned about how officials handled it.

But the Children's Society said it would be "inappropriate" to publish more than a summary of the investigation because SCRs "inevitably contain a great deal of case material that should remain confidential".


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Re: Boy Tortured By Brothers

Post  Guest on Mon 25 Jan - 22:31

I agree with Denise Fergus


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Re: Boy Tortured By Brothers

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