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Missing Madeleine
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The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan

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The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan Empty The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan

Post  Guest Tue 11 Nov - 16:38


The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan


There can be no doubt that a worldwide Satanic conspiracy is under way right now! One has to ask, "is the present worldwide Satanic onslaught the work of one deranged individual or is there a much larger group of psychopathic devil-worshipping megalomaniacs responsible?" Many writers believe that these sick creatures are trying to set up a worldwide Satanic/Nazi regime, their New World Order. There have been many despots in the past who thought of World Conquest and several have tried to do just that; the Romans, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, and Hitler. Certain conditions at the respective times aided these despots and made them believe that world conquest was possible. Technical advances would have given the "edge", temporarily, to these maniacs!However when people are subjected to great injustices they discover within themselves hidden strengths and when the people are awakened , the oppressors are devoured and ground into the ground again.The present would-be world conquerors have developed new technologies which once again make them "think" they can control the many with the participation of a few.

Third Reich Nazis and the CIA

We have read how the CIA, formerly the OSS, "rescued" many Hitler Nazis after the fall of the Third Reich at the end of WW2. We also know how the CIA used the likes of Mengele and other Nazi scientists to advance their studies in human mind control . These experiments included the use of drugs, hypnosis, and later the possibility of implanting people with microtechtronic devices ,(psychotechtronics) the purpose of which was to remotely control the behavior of the implantee. Several writers have discovered the CIA's covert mind control experimental activities and have published books on these subjects .The Jonestown Massacres ,Guyana in 1978 was a CIA mind control experiment involving hundreds of people ,"gone to plan". It was not a religious sect which decided on mass suicide! The fact that the CIA and others in the media portrayed this group as a religious order is very relevant !This was one of the first pseudo religious sects to appear in the USA which were and are in reality nothing more or less than fronts for Satanic Cults and US government mind control experiments involving drugs, hypnosis and especially child sexual abuse.

Several very fundamental questions has to be asked; why has the US Government,CIA and US Intelligence Services spent so much time , effort and billions of $'s into these human mind control experiments? Why have they also spent vast sums to research Witchcraft, and the secrets of the occult and Satanism? These experiments are slow , time consuming, and do not yield quick or immediate results! Whatever they are planning , it is a plan with long-term results! The Hitler regime tried to conquer Europe and then the known world by brute force! In the words of Hitler to describe the assault on Russia," kick the door down and the whole lot will crumble" .The present would-be world conquerors are trying a different tactic, they are slowly creeping in through the back door!

After the demise of The Peoples Temple Sect at Jonestown, the CIA began to set up and promote new so called Christian cults which have replaced the Peoples Temple sect.

Enter the Born Again Christians

Does anyone you know own or wear a symbol like this around their neck; this is a Satanic Symbol , NOT the Star of David. The person who set me up for UVF paramilitaries in Aug 1994, wore this symbol but she proclaimed that it was the Star of David. DO NOT BE FOOLED AS I WAS!

The Born Again movement in Ireland is a very secretive organisation and very little is known about its funding, just how many groups there are in Ireland and its religious theory is unclear. Do the Irish Born Again's receive Irish Government funding or are they financed from the USA? Is it a registered Charitable Organisation or not ? It does not canvas for funds on Irish streets , so one has to ask ; who pays for the upkeep of the many Born Again properties in Ireland?

The Born Again Christians first appeared in Ireland about 30years ago, I am reliably told by locals. The Kilkenny branch was set up by a former USA citizen said to have " dubious connections to organised groups in the USA".There are many USA people amongst the membership of the Irish (Eire) branches of the Born Again Christians! The "Born Agains " in Ireland are not to be found in the telephone book, which is very strange considering the fact that they are to be found in most towns throughout Ireland. Their properties consist of many expensive up-market private houses , usually set in their own grounds.The Born Again's are not known to use the normal church-like structure with their name over the door for their "services", instead they hold their" prayer" meetings in these "house churches".

I call this group the "Born Again Christians" because they are not usually known by any other name , in Ireland! On a recent RTE radio program ,chairperson Olivia O'Leary conveniently posed the "cue line"; " how are the Irish people reacting to the many paedophile expose's involving Roman Catholic priests"? David Quinn , an Irish Born Again mouthpiece and spokeman for the "Irish Catholic", described how the Irish people were turning to Evangelical Christians (Born Agains).The Born Again's in Ireland are also described as Charismatic; that is - they indulge in the speaking in tongues and they accept people into their fold from all religious denominations! The Pat Robertson Christian Broadcasting Network ,CBN, is virtually the same in its religious theory and doctrines.

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The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan Empty CONTINUED FROM ABOVE

Post  Guest Tue 11 Nov - 16:39

Edited 19th April 2002

These Born Again Charismatic Christians accept Roman Catholics and even Jews as members! We will have heard of that strange phenomena , Born Again Catholics and Jews for Jesus ! ( EG: Oliver North CIA , Born Again Catholic , and Bob Dyan , reformed Jew or Jew for Jesus ) These terms seem almost contradictory ! The Born Again Charismatics have seemingly acheived a sort of ecumenism ; something the established churches have miserably failed to do since the split took place in the middle ages.

I have heard the name of the Church of God mentioned in Kilkenny and I wonder if this is also the same group as the International Church of Christ? There is also the Pentecoatal Church in Ireland and its members describe themselves as Born Again Christians.

If this is so , then the Irish Born Again Christians were founded and are funded by the CIA or fundamentalist Christians who are puppets of the CIA! This would explain the massive influx of monies for these expensive properties throughout Ireland , at a time in the seventies when the Irish exchequer was strapped for cash. When the Peoples Temple "experiment" cult and the Children of God cult were exposed , there was an obvious need for a successor or successors, and they are ;the International Church of Christ, the evangelical fundamentalist Born Again Christians! Pat Robertsons Born Again Church, CBN, is practically the same in every fashion to the Irish Born Again Christians !

NB. Robertsons Born Again movement has close ties to the CIA and the Church of Christ was set up and run by the CIA!

Pat Robertson was notorious for his backing of the Contras in the so-called fight against communist guerillas in central America. Much of Robertson's "humanitarian" aid to the Contras was shipped on board US Navy vessels , which strongly indicates that Robertson has close ties to US Military and Secret Services! Robertson's organisation accumulated vast financial funds from his TV "evangelical" campaigns and it is known that his organisation sent "missionaries" to many countries around the world.

Worldwide Satanic Activity and the practicalities of people abductions!

I have no doubt that the Irish Born Again Christian Movement is a front for Satanic practices in Ireland. I also have no doubt that it is financed and was originally founded by former USA citizens.

The practicalities of making people disappear without trace for the purpose of Satanic Ritual Murder

Since I came to Kilkenny in Aug 1994, I have discovered a great deal about just how the Satanists Network conspires to abduct innocent people for the purpose of Satanic Ritual murder! I am accusing the Born Again Christian Movement of being a major player in the Satanic Network's organisation for abducting people. The Born Again Christians is not the only pseudo religious group which is controlled or infiltrated by devil-worshippers but it is at the cutting edge for the purpose of recruiting new members into its satanic group and subsequently for abduction of suitable victims. Indeed there can be no doubt that throughout the Roman Catholic Church one will surely find a surplus of clergy who worship the demon; ArchBishop Millingo will stand witness to that! Judging by reports from around the world , there are few so-called respectable Christian Churches where the servants of the demon have not infiltrated or influenced! The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons have been the subject of Satanic allegations!

The Born Again Christians, as I will refer to the Irish fundamentalist Christians, were set up in Ireland by USA citizens as far back as the late 1970s. It never ceases to amaze me , why the Born Agains in the USA , Ireland and the UK are treated as if they are above suspicion in every respect. Pat Robertson's group , CBN Born Again Christians , are notorious for their commercialisation of the Christian religion. These TV evangelists make huge profits from their international broadcast Christian programs. Robertson ia also a self proclaimed anti-communist and friend and associate to many extreme right wing groups, especially in Central America. So why should these extremist Christians be above suspicion? The reason is, their friends and associates control the press and media in the USA and Europe!

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The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan Empty CONTINUED FROM ABOVE

Post  Guest Tue 11 Nov - 16:41

The Satanic Plot

I have not the slightest doubt , that a plan was thought out at the highest level within the International Satanic Network , set out on paper, and then passed down the chain to be instructed to their members in the cults and in the various police forces around the mainly English speaking world. It is imperative for the Satanists to have members within police forces at a high level ; the reason is to "control" the investigations of the missing persons who are chosen for their Satanic sacrifices on the Satanic dates! It is also very important to control the press and media , so that the ordinary people will not realise how many people are going missing; so keeping people in a state of a fools paradise when all around them killers are plotting their next abductions. When the Satanist plot was first planned is uncertain but from the 1970s the Network began to set up and expand their Satanic groups around the USA and then internationally. There planning is definitely on a long-term basis , and it has been in the late 1980s and 1990s when we have seen a huge jump in Satanic related crimes , including SRAbuse , suspicious suicides , mass murders and sacrificial murders . The Satanic Network infiltrate every organisation ; the press, the Churches, the health Depts, (child welfare), the police , judiciary etc. Is it not curious that the Irish Justice Dept has control over Child Welfare in Ireland? This is a state body which is responsible for many incredible deliberations , including who to prosecute and who not to! ( consider the Mark Nash case , who admitted to the "Cannibal Murders" at GrangeGorman, Dublin,and was never prosecuted) Note the choice of telephone numbers for the Irish Childline Helpline.1800 666 666. The Satanic Network has been long established in the gentry, in the professions and the upper classes in Irish and British society. There present satanist plot is expanding and spreading the Satanist message and influence much further than any of their predecessors have ever done. In the words of a Kilkenny Born Again Christian whom I have on audio tape ,"they are getting cheekier"! Their ambitions are for a worldwide Satanic state in which human sacrifice will be routine practice!

Missing Persons Ireland
"Disappeared off the face of the earth!"

People Abduction

The Satanic Dates are ; 2nd Feb Candlemas, 21st March Spring Equinox, Mayday/Beltane 30th April, Summer Solstice 21st June, 1st Aug LamassDay, 21st Sept Autumn Equinox, 2nd Nov Hallowe'en, and Winter Solstice 21st Dec.

The actual date ,which is sacred to Satanists, for a ritual murder is the nearest full moon to the Satanic date! Example ; if the nearest full moon to 2nd Nov, Hallowe'en is Wed 10th Nov, then the ritual murder will take place on the weekend after or before the 10th Nov.

The Satanists plans are to abduct suitable people *on particular dates for sacrifice without alarming the general public, so that they will have a constant and unwitting supply of suitable victims.

*A definite pattern has emerged concerning the many missing people in Ireland! Those who are going missing are; (1) those of a nervous disposition,(2) those who have physical imperfections of the body,(3) naive and trusting women

How have the Satanists been abducting people without leaving any clues or traces?

I wish to put before you a scenario which some will dispute and many will be alarmed and offended by.

Normally when someone goes missing , the immediate family members are distraught and are out of their minds with worry and concern for their missing loved one. Please consider this scenario!

Example: The Satanists recruit someone; it could be a wife, a husband, a brother , a sister, a son , a father or even a mother! When someone is indoctrinated into a Coven or Satanist group, their mind is literally brainwashed! This does not happen overnight, but takes time before the recruit is totally under the control of the warlock or whoever is attempting to control the initiate by means of sex, drugs and hypnosis. In the words of a former Garda ,to whom I sent my information in 1998, " when they are in deep enough , they would not think twice about bringing their own children or family members to be the subject of a ritual murder!" In other words ; this is the ideal situation to have when a person goes missing from the Satanists point of view ! The person who would normally be above suspicion ,is the one who leads the trusting and unsuspecting victim to a place where he or she can literally "disappear off the face of the world!"

This is a cliche' which has oft been used by the Irish police to describe the disappearance of missing people in Ireland! It was also quoted to me by Kilkenny Born Again Christian, Dick Moore! It is no co-incidence that Irish Born Agains , Irish Police and even FBI regularly use very similar phrases to describe the peculiar circumstances relating to missing persons! (singing from the same devilish hymn-sheet) I have no doubt that "they" have all been well schooled for the inevitable responses to the press on the questions surrounding the disappearances of people!

The innocent victim goes missing and the judas-goat relation who set he or she up , puts on an act for the press and media. I have to repeat the reality; once someone is deeply involved in devil-worship, no murder, lie or deception is beyond them. The Satanist judas-goat usually cannot keep up the act of remorse for very long; because they do not feel any loss or pain! There are likely to be in a state of euphoria!

*In fact , the Satanist judas-goat is very likely to be present at the ritual murder when their relation is Sacrificed in the Satanic ceremony!

I have noticed that certain families and relatives of missing people keep a very low profile regarding their missing relations! The fact that they do not wish to create a fuss and bring their missing relatives to the attention of the mass media is very strange and unnatural to say the least!

I know that this scenario will offend certain people but the reality is , relations are responsible for the majority of SRAbuse cases and many, many murders of their own kin. A few examples are ; Fred West, Sean Sellers, etc. It is already known that Sean Sellers ,who murdered his parents, was a self proclaimed Satanist and there are many indications that suggest that Fred West and his wife could have been involved in devil-worship!

The fact is; I suspect from my own research, certain people who are related to missing people and certain people who were supposed to be close friends of missing people in Ireland!

I would like to say that certain "other" family members of those who are missing are undoubtedly innocent and are above suspicion in my estimation!

These are my personal observations from my investigations into these matters. I wish to put my case before as many people as possible who are free to examine the facts and consider the probabilities for the scenarios which I have placed before them.

Let us examine the case of one particular missing person in Ireland, that of Jo Jo Dollard from Cuffesgrange, Kilkenny. Jo Jo went missing on the 9th Nov 1995 in the village of Moone on the edge of County Wicklow and County Kildare.

NB.The nearest full moon was on the 7th Nov 1995, and Hallow'een is on the 2nd November.

Jo Jo went to Dublin to collect her unemployment benefits and stayed in her flat with her flat mate who was also from the Kilkenny area. Jo Jo stayed in the flat so late into the evening that she missed her bus back to her home at Callan , Kilkenny. What kept Jo Jo so late at her flat? Jo Jo got a bus to Naas, Co Kildare which left her another 30/40 miles from her home. She started to hitch-hike and got a lift into the village of Moone where she phoned her friend in Dublin , from the phone box. Why did Jo Jo not phone her sister Mary at home in Callan, Kilkenny , to tell her she would be late? It is known that Jo Jo was picked up by a car at the phone box in Moone , late on the 9th Nov. Information was passed to Jo Jo's sister that a person from the locality of Moone picked up Jo Jo. This person was believed to be a son of a wealthy landowner from nearby County Wicklow! As time went by Mary Phelan, Jo Jo's sister, received more information on this wealthy land owning family in County Wicklow. I believe they investigated this information thoroughly and gave their information to the Irish police. The Irish police's response was to deny any connection between the alleged abductor and Jo Jo's disappearance!

My case is exactly the same as Jo Jo Dollards case! The Irish police deny every allegation I have made against the Kilkenny police or Born Again Christians!

This is the essential part of abductions for ritual murder? The police have to be involved to cover the tracks in case the Satanists abductors blunder and make mistakes!

At first glance , the abduction of Jo Jo Dollard seems to be opportunistic and a lucky break for her abductors! Consider another possibility; what if it was not a random abduction? The killers would have had to know where Jo Jo would be on that fateful night! Night-time and late at night is the ideal time for abductions , for obvious reasons! Ask yourself from what you have read; who could have set Jo Jo up to be abducted by these prowling killers who would certainly have had mobile phones!

Another vital part of the abduction plans is to set up false trails to lead the family and the public away from the real offenders. This happened several times in Jo Jo Dollards case.

The false trails scenario is only brought into play when the genuine families put pressure on the police to produce results to find the missing person. It is not required for those families who , for " some reason keep a low profile"!

One of the false trails set up to throw people off course , was the finding of Jo Jo's watch outside Carlow town, about 8 miles from Moone village. Mary Phelan told me that Jo Jo did not wear a watch! (NB. I met Mary Phelan and her husband in Kilkenny several times)

........It should be noted that in the town of Castledermot, which is mid way between Moone and Carlow, the Born Again Christians have a very up market house set in its own grounds , protected by garden lights , electric operated gate and enclosed by a circle of fir trees.Castledermot is only 4 miles from Moone village, where Jo Jo was abducted!

A second false trail in Jo Jo's case was set up when the Garda claimed that two Englishmen ,who were in a chippy in Castledermot on the night Jo Jo disappeared , were under suspicion! These supposed suspects were traced back to England but like all other Garda "Traces" into missing people , they were on the road to nowhere! I even wonder if these Englishmen ever went back to England! One thing that I do know is, several Born Agains in Kilkenny have English accents because they grew up in England, be they of Irish extraction or not!

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The Satanic Worldwide Gameplan Empty CONTINUED FROM ABOVE

Post  Guest Tue 11 Nov - 16:41

In the case of Irish missing person Fiona Pender from Tullamore Co Offaly, Fiona went missing on the 23rd Aug 1996 and her boyfriend John Thompson , a farmer, was the last to see her alive! It is also known that a person , once close to Fiona is a suspect. This person again fits into a particular category which has become evident relating to Irish missing people! This category is the well-healed land-owning Anglo-Irish community. The believed abductor of Jo Jo is a wealthy landowner and Fiona's suspected abductor is also a large landowner not far from the Kildare/ Wicklow border.

As in the Jo Jo Dollard case, the Irish police are no longer pursuing the suspect in Fiona Pender's case! It seems that the rich and wealthy are immune from prosecution in Ireland! This phenomenon, is not peculiar to Ireland, but it is repeated time and time again in the Irish courts!

A suspect in the Wellington Terrace murders and disappearances in Cork 1995 ,walked free on a legal "technicality".

Nora Wall, a former nun , accused of instructing a man to rape a child in her care whilst she looked on, walked free on a legal technicality!

Mark Nash, who murdered Catherine and Carl Doyle in 1997, admitted to another two murders ,the GrangeGorman "Cannibal Murders" in 1997 but he was never brought to trial. In these Cannibal Murders, of two middle aged women, the killer cut off those bits of the body which have a sexual connotation; the eyes, lips, breasts, etc. NB . Cannibalism is widely practised in Satanic circles. It is known that Satanists put a high value on the after birth from a women and I do not need to tell you what they do with it!

County Wicklow has been a hotbed for Anglo-Irish landed gentry families who were known to be and are involved in witchcraft. Lord Strathloch and his sister Olivia Robertson, of Huntington Castle ,County Wicklow are to this day proclaiming to be White Witches when in truth they worship the OTO deity of ISIS and OSIRIS , the Gods of death and of the moon.


On the nearby Dublin mountains there stands the remains of the infamous hunting lodge which was used by the Hellfire Club members , Ireland's aristocratic devil-worshippers. Adjacent to the Counties of Kildare and Wicklow in the County of Offaly lived the infamous founder of the Hellfire Club, the 1st Earl of Rosse, at Birr Castle . The present Earl of Rosse ,the 7th Earl is still in situ at Birr. I have discovered through my investigations that the Kincora children were taken to Birr castle and the abuse took place at Birr! ( My source for this information is Joan Coleman ,RAINS,Manchester, a woman doctor who endeavours to heal the troubled ,tormented children after being abused by paedophiles and Satanists.) I have two letters from Joan Coleman which I can produce in case anyone challenges this information!

The fact that victims are lead to be abducted or murdered by those in whom they had placed their trust totally fits in with my own bitter experience! I myself ,was set up to be abducted by UVF paramilitaries on the 12th Aug 1994, by someone in whom I had placed my trust . I had been followed on a lonely road by four men , who I knew to be paramilitaries, exactly two weeks before on the 30th July. I reported this to an RUC Inspector Woolley at Whiteabbey RUC station at 4pm on 12th Aug 94; later that day at 11.45pm the UVF lay in wait for me as I turned off the M2 motorway at Templepatrick! I fled Ulster , and this is why I am aliveto tell this story!

Note the date; the Satanic date of Lamass is on the 1st August!

This person who set me up , was once in a very close relationship with me! I have come to accept this terrible reality, but only after six long years of mental trauma! Unfortunately many other potential victims were not so lucky!

There are certain conditions which will undoubtedly assist in "making someone disappear off the face of the earth"

The person who sets up the victim has to be trusted by the victim and would normally be above suspicion!( they can be family members, or a close friend)

The Judas-Goat companion of the victim leads the unfortunate to a place at a time where no-one will notice them !( imagine you agreed to meet someone , who you trusted on a lonely road at night , and you told no-one , even your family. Who would know where you had gone? It is really very easy to disappear without trace, provided someone sets the trap!) I was asked by a woman in 1996, who I had only met through the personal ads in the Evening Herald to travel to a lonely house near Kiltegan , Co Wicklow, (again ) to repair a lawnmower. I declined because I had a good idea what my Born Again "friends" were planning!

The police and justice depts are there to cover up the mistakes of the abductors and to lay false trails.

The press and media have to be part of the Satanic Network ;to ignore all genuine leads that would solve these questions and to make the ordinary people think they are in no danger, and so have a ready supply of naive unwitting victims!

This is my scenario; but it is much more than a hypothetical situation. I have no doubts that this is indeed the reality for many of the missing persons in Ireland. Now let us look at some of the data surrounding missing people in Ireland. I have co-related some of the data in accordance to the dates when people went missing , and I have also laid out some of the dates of women who were murdered and found since the late 1970s.

A selection of names of missing people and the reported dates when they were last seen. There are many more missing and murdered who fit around the Satanic dates of Mayday (Beltane) ,Summer Solstice 21st June ,and Spring Equinox 21st March

NB, the actual date for a satanic ritual murder, is the nearest full moon to the Satanic Date!

Name ......................last seen...........................Satanic Date

Fiona Sinnott .........9th.Feb.1998.......Candlemas 2nd Feb

Phillip Cairns..........24th.Oct.1986.....Hallowe'en 2nd Nov

Fiona Pender.........23rd Aug.1996.....Lamass Day 1st Aug

Jo Jo Dollard.........9th.Nov.1995........Hallow'een 2nd Nov.

Deirdre Jacobs.......28th.July.1998......LamassDay 2nd Aug

Ciara Breen............12th.Feb.1997......Candlemas 2nd Feb

Eva Brennan.........23rd July1993......Lamass Day 2nd Aug

Helena McCarthy....29th July 1998...Lamass Day 1st Aug

Michelle McCormack..20th July1993.LamassDay 1st Aug

Mary Cummins .......23rd July 1992....Lamassday 1st Aug

(believed murdered by Michael Bambrick who also murdered his wife)

Annie McCarrick...uncertain? last seen...Mar 1993

Ellen Coss............3rd Nov 1999.....Hallow'een 2nd Nov

Aengus Shanahan...11th Feb 00...Candlemas 2nd Feb

Mary O'Connor ..24th Sept1999..Aut Equinox 21st Sept.

Stephen Walsh....20th sept.1999..Aut Equinox 21st Sept

Daniel Patric Trosh..7th Feb.00..Candlemas 2nd Feb

James Gallaher ......3rd Feb 1999..Candlemas 2nd Feb

People who went missing and were later found murdered

Name ..................................................Satanic Date

Phillis Murphy...reported missing...21st Dec 1979.found murdered..in Co Wicklow........21st Dec Winter Solstice

Patricia Furlong ....found murdered .in .Glencullen..24th July.1982.................................1st Aug LamassDay

Antoinette Smith..last seen..12th July 1987.found murdered at Killakee................1st Aug Lamassday

NB. Killakee is a quarter of a mile from "The Hellfire Club" site, the old hunting lodge on the Dublin mountains where the infamous group of e'elitist Anglo-Irish aristocratic satanists performed their diabolical rituals!

I have no doubts that there is a definite symbolic satanic connection in the Antoinette Smith and Patricia Doherty cases; ie, "they were both found very close to the original site of the "Hellfire Club"!

It is well known that the Satanist Illuminati e'lite perform their rituals according to pagan seasonal festivals. Numerology, symbolism and particular places are very important in these satanic pagan ceremonies and festivals!

Patricia Doherty...last seen.23rd Dec.1991..body found in peat bog at Killakee...................21st Dec Winter Solstice

Marie Kilmartin..last seen..16th Dec 1993..body found in bog near Mountmellick..............21st Dec Winter Solstice

Julie Tennant(Ballymena)..last seen 4th Aug 00..found murdered.....................................1st Aug LamassDay

Nostradamus predicted that the third Anti-christ would surface in the eighth month of 1999.As far as we know, he has not arrived and now the latest devil-worshipper prediction is that the year 2001 is when the demon will actually appear.

Remember the well known Born Again slogan : "the end of the world is nigh" !

Copyright of Jim Cairns Kilkenny Ireland

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Post  Guest Tue 11 Nov - 16:54

Now this guy gave a list of people who vanished around these dates.
here are more people who he hasnt mentioned that also fit around them




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Post  steve1295 Tue 7 Aug - 1:23

I am just after reading this article,dont know who wrote it or whether they still post on here.Found it very interesting.Reason why is that I am just finished a book called THE BOY IN THE ATTIC....did you ever hear of Lorcan bale....thats all for tonight.
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