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What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abductions…

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What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abductions… Empty What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abductions…

Post  milly Wed 12 Oct - 22:41


Continuing child abductions are striking fear into every parent or grandparent’s heart. By learning how to recognize and stop crime is the most important and first step to prevention.

One of the training and education aspects we focus on with children in grades 2-3 is “stranger awareness”. We no longer refer to it as “stranger danger” simply because children immediately think or feel that a “stranger” is the monster under the bed or an individual that appears to be not well kept (ie. clothing, hygiene, etc.). The reality is that anyone and I mean anyone is a stranger to your children unless you have personally introduced them and YOU feel and are comfortable with the person.

First and foremost with the little ones you must do role-place scenarios and remind children to check with you, the parent BEFORE going anywhere with anyone.

The objective to teach children in grades 2-3 is to – Learn to manage dangerous situations and to strengthen decision-making skills.


Share the following situations with the little ones:

•You are playing outside with your friends. An adult you do not know asks for directions to a nearby store.
•A neighbor is walking his dog. He sees you playing outside and asks if you want to walk the dog with him.
•As you are walking home from school, you notice an adult you don’t know that is following you.
•On your way home from school you see an adult you know. She/He asks if you want to go get some ice cream and then she/he will drive you home.
After each situation, ask the little ones what they think they should do. Ask them what they have learned thus far about the above situations prior to chatting with you.

You have to drill into their little minds that:

•They should not talk or go anywhere with an adult without first asking a parent or caregiver.
•They should reach out to a trusted adult to help if they ever feel afraid or uncomfortable.
•Encourage them to share any and all situations that may have happened or happen with an adult that they trust.
Finally have the children role-play telling an adult about one of the situations.

Of course we strongly recommend having your child learn physical personal safety – you would be amazed at the damage a child can do…..IF TAUGHT PROPERLY to ward off an attack or abduction. Teaching a child the S.P.E.A.R. system and how they CAN protect and defend themselves is truly awesome. Often adequate credit is not given to a child in the physical aspect – you would be surprised.

Your child is grabbed by an adult. What should they do?

•Your child’s best bet is to shout and scream and yell at the top of their voice.
•They should wriggle like mad and to kick their legs violently.
•Try it with your child…Pick your child up, encourage them to kick their legs as hard and fast.
•You will find that you shins will take a bashing and you won’t hold on for long! When the grip is broken teach the child the RUN, RUN, RUN AS FAST AND HARD AS THEY CAN.

•Pinching is a great self-defense technique for kids.
•Teach your child how to pinch the THIN skin on the inside of a thigh or arm.
•Get them to dig their nails in.

•Teach the kids how easily it is to bend back fingers. This is a great way to get an adult to release a grab.
•The best self-defense for children is being our of the way of danger.
And, don’t forget to teach them that it is okay to bite and bite as hard as they can to break the grip of their assailant. Again, once the grip is broken, run like hell in the opposite direction.

Most importantly, teach them that it is okay if they are in in fear they must do everything in their power to escape by any means necessary. And that’s it okay NOT TO BE NICE in the process.

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