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Muslim Cleric: Not a single Jew will be left on the face of the Earth'

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Muslim Cleric: Not a single Jew will be left on the face of the Earth'  Empty Muslim Cleric: Not a single Jew will be left on the face of the Earth'

Post  AnnaEsse Fri 4 Jan - 11:44

A Muslim cleric from Egypt is forecasting an end times annihilation of every Jew on the face of the Earth and says that will be the ultimate victory for Islam.

In a recent broadcast on Al-NAS Television in Egypt, cleric Mahmoud al-Masri pontificated on his belief about the future of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

“The final annihilation [of the Jews] will come at the time of the Mahdi, or shortly before the Mahdi appears. Then the Muslims will regain the Al-Aqsa mosque, if they do not manage to spread Islam throughout the land,” he said.

“A small group of Jews will remain, but not the Jews living in Palestine. A group of Jews from Isfahan will survive, and they will follow the Antichrist, but eventually, they will also be killed, along with the Antichrist,” he continued. “Ultimately, not a single Jew will be left on the face of the Earth. Victory is coming, Allah willing.”

The Mahdi is believed by some sects in Islam to be the 12th imam, an end times figure who will arise to lead Muslims on a worldwide rampage in which all “enemies” of the belief are eliminated. Some Christians believe the Mahdi is the same as the biblical Antichrist, the personification of evil.

Former terrorist turned Christian Walid Shoebat noted the report, and said, “As the West attempts to split hairs when determining if Islamists with this view are part of al-Qaida or not, the words of Islamists like this fall on deaf ears. His idea of victory is for the Earth to be uninhabited by a single Jew.”

Shoebat has posted online the video that was assembled by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and publicizes statements from media outlets in the Middle East.

Shoebat continued, “Note that this guy is rooting for the Syrian rebels.”

Al-Masri has positioned his comments in the context of Islam rooting for the “rebels” in Syria, who have engaged in a civil war with one of their own, Muslim President Bashar al-Assad.

Estimates are that more than 40,000 Syrians have died as a result of the rebels, who include terror-linked Muslims, fighting against al-Assad, who is trying to remain in power.

“We must all make an effort for the sake of our country, because if Egypt rises and the Syrian revolution prevails – I swear that this will be the end of Israel, Allah willing,” he said.

“The Zionist entity has become nervous about us for a simple reason: They cannot forget the utter defeat they suffered in the 1973 war. If some of the superpowers had not intervened to stop that war – if President Sadat had been allowed to continue – it would have been the end of Israel. They stopped the war, but if it had continued, Israel would have been finished off. It would have been erased from the face of the Earth. But Allah decreed otherwise.”

He continued, “Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated, because the Prophet Muhammad said so. Don’t believe it because I said so. Believe it because I say that the Prophet Muhammad said so: ‘Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.’”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also repeatedly has made statements about the annihilation of the Jews and the removal of Israel from the face of the Earth.

WND previously reported that a Pew Research poll said two-thirds of a billion Muslims expect the Mahdi – the last Islamic imam they believe will come and rule the world – to arrive in their lifetimes.

Those results affirmed the warnings from author Joel Richardson, whose book, “Mideast Beast,” is a sequel to his New York Times bestselling 2009 “The Islamic Antichrist.”

In a column written in WND, Richardson noted that he has been criticized repeatedly for believing many Muslims have a faith in the coming Mahdi, especially that there are a significant number who believe that will happen soon.

The survey by Pew Research at that time noted that in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, “half or more Muslims believe they will live to see the return of the Mahdi. This expectation is most widespread in Afghanistan (83 percent), Iraq (72 percent), Tunisia (67 percent) and Malaysia (62 percent).

The survey said that belief drops to about four-in-10 across Central Asia, except for Turkey, where 68 percent expect to witness his return. It drops slightly further across southern and eastern Europe.

“In some countries with sizable Sunni and Shi’a populations, views on the Mahdi’s return differ by sect. In Iraq, for example, Shi’as are more likely than Sunnis to expect the Mahdi to return in their lifetime, by an 88 percent to 55 percent margin. In Azerbaijan, the difference between the two groups is also large (25 percentage points),” the report said. “Differences between Shi’as and Sunnis on this issue may reflect the more central role that the Mahdi’s return plays in Shi’a Islam.”

The result? An estimated 672 million Muslims expect to witness the Mahdi’s return.

Richardson has reported that one of the recent surface-to-surface missiles launched by Iran was inscribed “Ya Mahdi” – the equivalent of “Go Mahdi.”

He notes that while many believe the Antichrist will come from a revived Roman Empire, which many have assumed is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the European Union, he doesn’t believe that is the case.

“The Bible abounds with proofs that the Antichrist’s empire will consist only of nations that are, today, Islamic,” Richardson explained. “Despite the numerous prevailing arguments for the emergence of a revived European Roman empire as the Antichrist’s power base, the specific nations the Bible identifies as comprising his empire are today all Muslim.”

Richardson believes the key error of many previous prophecy scholars involves the misinterpretation of a prediction by Daniel to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel describes the rise and fall of empires of the future, leading to the end times. Western Christians have viewed one of those empires as Rome, when, claims Richardson, Rome never actually conquered Babylon and was thus disqualified as a possibility.

It had to be another empire that rose and fell and rose again that would lead to rule of this “man of sin,” described in the Bible. That empire, he says, is the Islamic Empire, which did conquer Babylon and, in fact, rules over it even today.


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