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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

Post  Guest Thu 22 Jan - 13:25

The lawyer Marcos Aragão, patron of Leonor Cipriano in the process that moves against the officers of the PJ that have allegedly tortured, was preventively suspended for six months by the District Council of Madeira ethics of the Bar. The notification was in full hearing of trial.

Mark Aragon, lawyer for Leonor Cipriano, left the room for hearings for allegedly been suspended by the Bar.

Mark Aragon entered the Court of Faro to continue to ensure the representation of Leonor Cipriano sentenced to 16 years prison sentences for the crime of murder in the person of her daughter in co-authored with his brother, and assistant in this process consists of Faro.

The elements of the Judicial Police are accused by Leonor Cipriano of alleged torture to obtain confessions and falsification of documents.

Around 10:20 left, however, the trial without that abandonment is concerned with the trial that resulted from it. According to Lusa, the journalists urged the abandonment of reason, just have advised to leave but then go back to 15 minutes.

The output of the unintended cause list will be concerns that the lawyer known to have been preventively suspended for six months of its corresponding activity as an inquiry by the Ethics Council of the Bar of the Madeira.

RTP learned from the source of ethics of the District Council of the Bar of the wood that Marcos Aragão is the target of several complaints from its customers. The reasons are many and for reasons relating to the confidentiality of investigations involving the processes of this type, but unknown to the general public knows that the RTP is a constant in all claims. Customers Marcos Aragão complain that they could not ever come into contact with him since the office was not his.

The Order already own for some time trying to notify the lawyer that the complaints against him there in that district board of ethics to which he had the constitutional right of contradictory and defense, could not achieve its objectives by total ignorance of the address of the office distinguished representative of Leonor Cipriano.

Now known by the media which reached the trial of officers of the Judicial Police, which marks Aragon would represent a murderer sentenced to 16 years for the death of his own daughter, the District Council decided to preventively suspend the lawyer Marcos Aragão of their duties during the six months, which is expected to run in the disciplinary process that is targeted.

That was why the notification was made in full hearing room of the Court of Faro, before the start of a further session of trial.

Already aware of the notification of the suspension and having a fax sent to the District Council of Madeira with the likely destination District Council ethics that the autonomous region, Marcos Aragão returned to Court at 11.20 am to request that presiding judge after the hearing to attend the session.

It is noted that a lawyer who is subject to suspension dpor part of the Bar can not practice in any case during the suspension period and if you do leads to a crime of usurpation of functions.

Logically and abiding the law, the judge refused the request Pavão Henrique Marcos Aragão Correia and forced him to leave the room.

"The doctor will leave a good or a bad audience for this room," said the judge.

Given the order of the judge, the lawyer had no solção but to leave the room, showing up angry with the decision of the judge. Not since another reason could be the face of the law, the judge's decision.

The trial was not really stopped, because the court appointed a lawyer motion that was before the Court in a routine service calls.

Eduardo Caetano, RTP
2009-01-22 11:17:35

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Re: Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

Post  Susan Thu 22 Jan - 18:45

Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended 23324 Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended 23324 Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended 23324

What more can be said.....? Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended 23324

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Correia's Career - UPDATED

Post  Guest Thu 22 Jan - 20:31

UPDATE of my attempt to keep up with the spiralling career of Marcos Alexandre Aragao Correia:


Updated to Thursday 22 January 2009. Note, in view of today’s developments, I still stick by the three predictions about Correia’s future career (see end of article) that I made several months ago.

[Note: This should be read in conjunction with my other brief summary: ‘The 17 Lies of Leonor Cipriano”]

Here for those who have not seen it is a little C.V. I composed recently on the corrupt Portuguese lawyer trying to 'get' Gonçalo Amaral, Marcos Alaxandre Aragão Correia, updated to include the news of him being thrown out of the court room in Faro today (22 January 2009)

As I wrote previously, it's a work-in-progress, I'll be adding to it as more information comes to light, not least his actions during the concluding parts of this show trial.

IMO anyone who does not realise by now that this is a game of very high-level stakes being waged by the British and Portuguese governments acting in unison (as they have been now for 15 to 18 months), and that Gonçalo Amaral - recently admitted to be 'incorruptible' by a former colleague who was not one of his friends - is the bitter focus of this game, due to his successful actions against powerful people in Portugal as well as against the McCanns, needs to wake up and smell the coffee:


The career of Marcos Alexandre Aragão Correia

The C.V. of the lawyer currently representing the murderess of her own 8-year-old daughter, Leonor Cipriano, and who offered the four detectives charged with torture the opportunity to receive 'only a suspended sentence' if they told the court that Goncalo Amaral had ordered them to torture Leonor Cipriano and that Amaral was present during the torture:

================================================== ==================

Correia’s Career

The career of Marcos Alexandre Aragão Correia

1975 - Born: Madeira

2000? - Sets up legal practice claiming he specialises in ‘human rights’ cases

2001? - He sets himself up as head of a ‘Human Rights Association’, ACED, widely regarded as a self-promotional ‘joke’ in Portugal, with a track record of making outrageous claims.

2004? Co-founds right-wing, nationalist, political party, which as yet has little popular support and no MPs or Councillors. That party has taken into membership a number of people with neo-Nazi ideology, some of them who have served prison sentences for their crimes.

6 May 2007 - (‘Three days after Madeleine disappeared’) His underworld sources told him (cough) that Madeleine McCann had been raped and killed and her body thrown in a ‘murky lake’.

May to December 2007 - Er, did nothing (except send a recorded delivery letter to the McCanns - see below), except perhaps to negotiate a lucrative financial deal with Metodo 3, who were acting on behalf of the Helping to Find Madeleine Fund…who were acting on behalf of two British Doctors, Dr Gerry McCann and Dr Kate McCann.

2 Oct 2007 - Claims to have sent a Recorded Delivery letter from Madeira to the McCanns in Rothley allegedly containing details of ‘vital clues and evidence’ in the case. Also says he notified the Policia Judiciara in Funchal (Madeira).

17 Oct 2007 - Says he was notified that the Recorded Delivery letter never arrived to the McCanns although allegedly the letter was ‘signed for’

13 Nov 2007 - Mysteriously sues Portuguese postal service (the Correios de Portugal - CTT) for allegedly failing to deliver this letter. He told the court: “They are controversial matters, because there is no material proof of them, but I assure you there is a high degree of credibility about them. I am fulfilling my duty as a Portuguese citizen to take my ideas to the right place. I took my ideas to the PJ in Funchal, but since they didn’t reply, I took them direct to the McCanns”. He says a CTT officla falsely reported that the Recorded Delivery letter had been received. The judge dismissed Aragão Correia’s claim as unsubstantiated and orderd him to pay court costs of 100 euros (around £80). Source: Madeiran Daily News, 13 Nov 2007

10 Dec 2007 - Told Portuguese Police, in conjunction with Metodo3, that Madeleine’s body was probably lying in the Arade Dam near the tower. He had reached this conclusion after carefully considering (another cough) the information from ‘underworld sources’, who told him that Madeleine’s body was ‘in a murky lake, with a beach, near some trees’. Later, when questions were asked about his sources of information and why he hadn’t acted sooner, he changed his story to say that he had had a ‘supernatural indication’ or ‘vision’ (another cough) of where Madeleine body might be.

Dec 2007 - late Jan 2008 - Said Portuguese Police did ‘nothing’ to act on his ‘information’.

Jan 2008 - Pays for British divers from Dive Time, Lagos, Algarve to search one part of the Arade Dam. Cost at least £1,200 a day. Says he did this out of the goodness of his own heart, but later said Metodo 3 paid him ‘expenses’ [denied by Metodo 3]. Described in sections of the British press as ‘a good Samaritan’ (another cough). Media on hand to record the discovery of a 17-foot length of cord ‘which could have been used to tie up Madeleine’. Says he is ‘99% certain that Madeleine’s body will be found here’ [there’s over-confidence for you].

Mar 2008 - Further search of lake, this time managing to find ‘two black plastic bags of bones’ in the lake. Once again, media on hand to take photos of Dive Time divers, bags of bones etc. - lots of pictures of divers in black wet-suits in British media. At the same time the head of the Portuguese Police admitted that the McCanns were made ‘arguidos’ ‘hastily’.

These stories served a number of purposes, including:

(a) that the Portuguese police had acted ‘hastily’ in making Dr Gerry McCann and Dr Kate McCann suspects

(b) that the Portuguese police had deliberately ignored the vital evidence of Mr Aragão Correia’s underworld sources that Madeleine had been dumped at the bottom of a murky lake - and ignored his apparently unshakeable conviction that this ‘murly lake’ was the Arade Dam

(c) that the possibility that Madeleine’s body had been dumped in the Arade Dam tied in with the suspicious sight of a woman transferring a young child to another car in the Silves area, the woman looking like Mikaela Walczuch, the girlfriend of Mr Robert Murat. This nearly linked Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, once again, to the ‘one-eyed oddball’, Robert Murat

(d) that Gerry and Kate McCann were not responsible; Aragão Coerreio said: “I don't believe Kate and Gerry did it. It could have been a single madman or a gang”.

Team McCann buoyant - see below:

QUOTE: “Kate and Gerry believe it could be a key step in clearing their name. They think it could be a breakthrough. A friend revealed: ‘They're not punching the air as they know there's still a long way to go, but it's a step in the right direction’.” UNQUOTE

The 'Daily Mail' had this quote from Dr Gerry McCann "This is fantastic news". [I think that would bear repetition: The 'Daily Mail' had this quote from Dr Gerry McCann "This is fantastic news"].

QUOTE: “Mr Mitchell added: ‘There was no air of celebration, but it's the sort of thing we have been waiting for. We hope that his comments are an indication police realise there's no case against Kate and Gerry and that it leads to them being eliminated from the inquiry’.” UNQUOTE

Not quite celebrating and ‘punching the air’, then’. But nearly.

Mar - October 2008 - Silence from Aragão Coerreio, apart from...

8 April 2008 - Visits Leonor Cipriano in prison.

April 2008 – At the same time, a report said: “Aragão Correia also met the director of Odemira prison, Ana Maria Calado, who confirmed suspicions about Cipriano's treatment, noting that she was ‘shocked about the conditions in which Cipriano entered the prison’. A report to the ‘top judicial authorities’ in Portugal at the time (April 2008) said: “The report concludes that the testimony of Leonor Cipriano and of the Prison Director, as well as other available evidence, are convincing in terms of proving that a crime of torture was committed by officers of the Portuguese judicial police. It condemns the use of ‘medieval methods’ to ‘extract confessions at all costs, even if they are false’, as ‘inadmissible’ and as ‘harmful for Portugal's image as an EU member that defends human rights and has a modern legal order’ and, as such, argues that these practices must be punished in ‘exemplary’ fashion, or the Portuguese citizenry will lose faith in the judicial system.

The report ends with a message from Leonor Cipriano, who was treated as a monster as a result of the horrible nature of the crime she was accused and found guilty of committing: ‘I hope that my daughter Joana re-appears, not only to be with her again, but also to show the world that it was the male officers of the Policia Judiciara who tortured me and who are the real monsters’.”

October 2008 - Dramatically pops up in court to replace the lawyer representing the serial liar and murderess of her own daughter, Leonor Cipriano, currently serving 16 years for murder, in a claim that a confession was beaten out of her by Goncalo Amaral and his four detectives

November 2008
- Admits to a proposed ‘crucify Gonçalo Amaral’ deal with the lawyer for the four detectives. Tells the defence lawyer that his detectives will only get suspended sentences for a more minor offence if they say it was Amaral who ordered the torture and that he was there when it happened

November 2008 -Calls defence lawyer for Gonçalo Amaral, Cabrita, a ‘goat’ [‘cabrita’ is the Portuguese for goat]

21 January 2009 - Suspended as a lawyer/barrister by the Madeira Bar Association [Madeira Lawyers’ Order]

22 January 2009 - Tries to continue representing the convicted murderess Leonor Cipriano in court in Faro. Trial judge orders him to cease representing Leonor Cipriano. Aragão Correia argues with the judge, protests and refuses to leave the court. Judge orders him to leave the court with the words: “I have told you to leave the court, Mr Aragão Correia. There are several exits to this court building. Now find one of them and leave this court immediately. Show trial of Amaral suspended once again whilst arrangements made for Leonor Cipriano to be represented by another lawyer.

Head of the Portuguese Lawyer’s Order, Marinho Pinto, who has previously publicly supported the McCanns’ claim of abduction, and has criticised the Portuguese police investigation of the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann, has tried to order the Madeira Bar to revoke its suspension, and has reportedly tried to intervene by contacting the trial judge demanding that Aragão Correia should be allowed to continue to represent the murderess who insists that she was beaten into making a confession by Amaral’s detectives in 2004 [provisional summary of today’s events, subject to later possible correction].


Summary of career to date:

Complete unknown until paid by the McCanns, the Helping to Find Madeleine Fund and Metodo 3 to promote the abduction theory with two bogus searches of the Arade Dam and then to get Gonçalo Amaral convicted or ordering and covering up torture and beating of a prisoner who together with her own brother murdered her own daughter

Prediction of future career (my earlier predictions coming true??????):

1. Instead of helping to nail ‘disgraced cop’ Gonçalo Amaral, he in fact becomes ‘disgraced lawyer Aragão Correia’ - and thereby inadvertently turns the spotlight on the McCanns for having employed him.

2. McCanns, the Helping to Find Madeleine Fund and Metodo 3 have to explain what their relationship is and has been with Aragão Correia.

3. Bank accounts of Aragão Correia, Metodo 3 and Helping to Find Madeleine Fund examined by police.

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Re: Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

Post  Guest Fri 23 Jan - 8:53

Thank-you for that Tony. It certainly makes chilling reading.

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Re: Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

Post  Guest Fri 23 Jan - 9:21

2. McCanns, the Helping to Find Madeleine Fund and Metodo 3 have to explain what their relationship is and has been with Aragão Correia.

3. Bank accounts of Aragão Correia, Metodo 3 and Helping to Find Madeleine Fund examined by police.

Its a wonder none of this has been done already.

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Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended Empty Re: Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano suspended

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