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A new low in politics

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A new low in politics Empty A new low in politics

Post  katertaif Fri 28 Aug - 8:38

We all remember the expenses scandals with MP's shamelessly looting the pockets of the taxpayer. Some are even still doing it via other avenues, such as renting homes off to each other.

If any of us ordinary insignificant mortals misused other people money like that, it would be called fraud or embezzlement, and after a few scathing remarks from the Judge regarding our morals or lack of them, we would very probably go to jail, and quite rightly so I hear you all cry.

British MP's however seem to be in a class of their own as usual. Douglas Hogg (some may find his surname significant) after deciding that it was only right and proper that we should pay to have his moat cleaned has been made a peer of the realm. What on earth Cameron was thinking of I cannot possibly guess. Disgust springs to mind but honestly my overwhelming emotion is shame. that what used to be called the Mother of Parliaments. A role model of democracy and fair government. Reduced to rewarding such as Douglas Hogg.

It seems the House of Lords now is second in numbers only to the governing body of China. Considering their population against ours is another cause for radical and comprehensive "adjustment" Well as a country we voted for them, now we get what we voted for. The basic difference between them and "Ali Baba and the forty thieves" is the numbers involved.
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