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What black hole?

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What black hole? Empty What black hole?

Post  katertaif on Wed 13 Apr - 13:07

We switched off question time today, boring wasn't in it.

At the end of the last labour administration, everyone agreed there was a black hole in the economy, and it needed to be filled. Osborne promised to ill it by the end of that Parliament, and we were given frequent, and often contradictory figures, on how much it had been filled in. Of course it wasn't filled in by the end of the administration, but since the Lib Dems got most of the blame, the Tories got another chance.

Today at question time, you have to ask how can there still be a black hole? Every point brought up by Corbyn, or anyone else on the cutting of services got the same answer, only the amounts of money differed. Oh yes, we're giving an extra £10 million for that project. Ah yes, we are giving an extra £4 billion for that. We all know services are beig cut in huge swathes, yet the money they get keeps going up (according to Osborne/Cameron and co that is.) At least we don't have to try to work out which of them is not telling the truth. based on their own actions these last few years, they all are.
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