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Missing Madeleine
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Good evening again Mr. Brown. 23 Feb 2010

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Good evening again Mr. Brown. 23 Feb 2010 Empty Good evening again Mr. Brown. 23 Feb 2010

Post  malena stool Tue 23 Feb - 21:26

Good evening again Mr. Brown.

Well here you are in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Bullying at N0.10 it seems is rampant the staff there work in an atmosphere of fear apparently. Your Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell was so concerned he actually delivered a verbal warning to you, a claim denied by of course by your spokesperson as would be expected…. he’s far too afraid and shell shocked to say anything to the contrary no doubt. Were you the same at school? Did you strut the strut in the playground? Is an over-inflated ego an essential component for obtaining an application form for post of Prime Minister? Or did you just happen to be in the right place at the right time?

Your friend Mandelson whom you brought back from his shamed political wilderness to support you is spinning his usual deviant lies and even managing to blame the Conservative Party for bringing this story to the public’s attention. What planet did you bring him back from? Would it perhaps be more advisable, plausible and normal for you, Mr. Brown to answer the implied charge yourself rather than rely on a sallow ingrate to smarm and sneer at what is after all a serious accusation?

This latest revelation, coming so close on the heels of previous accusations of you; shoving aides, pulling secretaries from chairs, swearing, shouting and throwing printers and mobile telephones, smacks of the fact there may well be some elements of truth in what is being printed.

You Mr. Brown hold the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom…. not some malignant despotic third world dictatorship, although that description is fast becoming very apt. Workers in the 21st Century are entitled to respect, they do not have to touch their forelocks and stare at their master’s feet when speaking, we are not in the dark ages now you know although you and your inarticulate, immature policies and fumbling inept cabinet toadies are doing your damndest to recreate the conditions our forefathers endured.

Your unelected tenure at N0.10 has sadly not been paved with roses. Sadly that is, for us not you because it is us, the real people here in the real world that are paying for your failed policies, incompetent, amateurish handling of the economy, the continued rifling of the public purse and your return to the crazed doctrine of taxing the poorest and weakest of the community.

So Mr. Brown, get your bullying done now, while you have the chance, because come May 6th or whenever you call an election you’ll be out on your neck… sadly for the Nation your eviction from N0.10 will be several years too late,

PS. As an afterthought, would it not be a good idea don’t you think, if you removed all the restrictions on accurate and truthful reporting of Madeleine McCann’s tragic disappearance before you are voted out of office?

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malena stool
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Good evening again Mr. Brown. 23 Feb 2010 Empty Gordon’s Scottish Snowstorm

Post  Guest Sun 7 Mar - 17:48


Whoever says Scottish politics is dull might want to take a look at last week’s unravelling saga around Labour controlled Glasgow City Council. Who would have thought when Gordon sat next to him on the Thursday before last that within a week one of Scotland’s up and coming politicians would have attempted suicide, that a police investigation would link the same man, Glasgow’s most senior politician, to major organised drug criminals and an 18-year-old Labour activist would be end up dead outside the city’s Council Chambers. As ever Gordon is pulling a Macavity on this one.

Steven Purcell was talked about as the saviour of the Scottish Labour Party, its brightest young star, he was tipped as a future First Minister. However if Purcell ever wanted a return to front-line politics, he certainly handled his spectacular fall from grace, spectacularly badly. No crisis manager could stop the drip, drip, drip of information concerning his party-boy lifestyle, snorting and drinking until the wee hours yet serving the city of Glasgow to a surprisingly competent degree. Yet he was in with the wrong crowd and in May last year some of Scotland’s top coppers visited Purcell in his council offices as his name had repeatedly cropped up in investigations. There was reason to believe that someone was attempting to blackmail Purcell with mobile phone footage of him.

more on the link.

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