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Good Evening Gordon.

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Good Evening Gordon. Empty Good Evening Gordon.

Post  malena stool Sat 6 Mar - 21:50

Good Evening Mr Brown,

Having made a right royal cockup of the economy, the Labour Party, destroyed the special relationship between the US and the UK,put your own political career into freefall (something good has come out of this sorry mess then), it appears you are intent on breaking the world record for telling tall storys.

Reading between the lines it seems that there are some dissenters in the High Echelon of the military who don't quite see the illegal Iraq campaign through the same disingenuous and tainted lenses as you.



I don't know why Gordon but I feel I would far sooner believe the report in the Telegraph than your statements, which I sat and endured on TV by the way, although it eventually got far too much for me and I swapped channels to watch Noddy in Wonderland which I felt was far more realistic and interesting than listening to my native tongue being mutilated and abused by an unelected amateur trying to dig his way out of an hole of his own making.

Listening to your arrogant prattle I'm surprised the Americans even bothered to send any troops, you had it all covered, no shortages at all, whatever our servicemen and women wanted they had, surely you are joking. Lord Guthrie has accused you, Mr Brown on Sky News of costing soldiers their lives by failing to fund the army properly. This is a very serious charge indeed, one however, that has been made time and again yet is refuted by you and your lapdogs each time. Surely everyone except you and your sycophant cabinet can't be wrong, can they?

You said in the Sky News report that: "You were not central to the decision-making process but had been kept "fully informed" about developments in the build-up to the invasion in March 2003". This even I, as a poor uneducated pleb find difficult to believe.... the man who writes the cheques being kept out of the decision making loop..... Come on surely you can do better than that, get your spin people to work harder, throw a tantrum, kick ass... you know, bully the buggers till they come up with the goods!

Major General Patrick Cordingley, a commander in the first Gulf War, said: quote. “The real truth is the Armed Forces are underfunded.” unquote. This from a professional soldier, a man who knows what was needed to do the job efficiently and with minimum risk to the men being placed in harm's way and what was supplied. His statement is a sad testimony to petty, unscrupulous, amateur politicians placing professional soldiers into dangerous situations by the cheapest means possible.

Don't forget Mr Brown, because I and the electorate haven't, our soldiers were being killed and maimed while you and the rest of the 'Honourable Members' were building duck islands, watching porn channels, flipping houses and generally raping the public purse like it was a national sport.

You had the guts to pillage the country when you thought you could get away with it, have the guts to admit our troops suffered through shortages of equipment due to poor funding.
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Good Evening Gordon. Empty Re: Good Evening Gordon.

Post  Guest Sun 7 Mar - 1:16

Good Evening Gordon. 307691 Good Evening Gordon. 307691

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