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Suggestions for torn muscles under rotator cuff?

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Suggestions for torn muscles under rotator cuff?

Post  Guest on Sun 16 Jan - 22:17

... because I am in bloomin' agony, can't get comfortable in bed, I am swallowing ibuprofen like smarties, need help getting dressed.... I've tried wheat bags (hot and cold), ibuprofen gel and massage....

The doc says it is not a good idea to immobilise the joint, but it's the only way I can get comfortable.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Suggestions for torn muscles under rotator cuff?

Post  Sandi on Sun 16 Jan - 22:56

Sorry to hear you are in agony TFG, shoulder pain is horrible it even hurts to breath. Have you tried a heat pad and deep heat. Thermocare do a heat pad that lasts for 12 hrs for the shoulder. I have used them and they are good.

Hope the pain eases soon and you start to feel better.

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